Order of Battle: Winter War Review

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Order of Battle: Winter War, the expansion pack for Order of Battle enables us to delve deep into the ware between Finland and the Soviet Union as they battle to not only protect their border but also maintain control of their own country. This lesser known part of the war was not only an integral part of the war but also in a vastly different climate than that of the rest of Europe. This adds not only to the experience of the game but also to way the game can be played is totally different to the main experience that Order of Battle offers.

Gameplay basics are exactly the same to the main feature, however the environmental changes which are present in this DLC really change the way these aspects are used. with different cover mechanisms and the strategies that need implicating with the new maps it really changed the way I had to think and approach the battles to entertain an entirely different style of play.

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One which personally I had an incredible amount of difficulty playing. The first level of the campaign offered me personally so much difficulty I almost gave up on the game. but once I realized simple changes in the way I was playing would improve the outcome so much. Generally in the campaign the enemy had much vaster resources than myself meaning that strategy really was the only way to win and continue the campaign. this lead to incredible determination and passion for the Finnish cause as I battled against the onslaught that was coming at me.

Graphically it is in keeping with the main game, with the aforementioned weather changes. This really means that there is a few different colors and snow on the trees but other than that there are no real big differences apart from snow on trees. the units move much the same as the main game, There were a couple of unit types that I wasn’t entirely familiar with but these came in and fit with the rest of the game excellently. This doesn’t mean that it was lacking because the main game graphically is as good as it needs to be for the experience that it offers. I actually think this game has graphics that suit its purpose fantastically. the battlefield has clearly defined options and understanding unit movement and areas is very easy.

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Sounds for me were very well done, I have a gaming headset and the sounds made as well as the music kept me fully immersed in a game type that I usually find it is hard to do so. the attacks by each unit had their own individual noises and through that after time I could tell what was attacking me and where on the board which helped substantially

Overall this was a thoroughly good expansion pack, it complemented the main game spectacularly. It not only offered new challenges and ways to play but also a whole different story branch which I thoroughly enjoyed. this game I would highly recommend not only for fans of the genre but also history buffs who just love hearing new stories with the added incentive that you get to play out the story yourself!

Rating 8

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