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140 makes it’s entrance on Xbox One, and at first glance, I saw a clone of Thomas Was Alone. The narrative of this game from the talented Mr Webber, along with the atmospheric music made this a must play game. So I was expecting big things from 140. Except that the first glance was the only similarity with the former. There is actually no point for this game to exist. You start playing, with no idea what your aim is, and why you’re even playing. After a short search, I found you have to pick up some colourful and tiny orbs, then cart them over to a semi circle laying in wait in the floor. Yes, that is really all there is to 140, aside from some boss fights. Which are by far and away hideous experiences.

What compounds the problem further, is that there is only 3 levels available, and then you can play them again in mirror mode. Given that the game is over £6, you would expect more content for your money. I have played cheaper games that far surpass the quality of this game, which should have been a flash game for your computer. But what grated me the most, was the music. Certainly not a genre that I would ever consider listening to by choice. Accompanying this audible torture, is the background. This brought on nauseating, stomach churning sensations, and a headache to boot. Too many flashing colours, and far too little to do within the game.

The game is far too short, and could be beefed up with more levels, or at least some point in actually being a thing. I was looking forward to doing housework after finishing playing. I’m not asking for a full blown story, but give me something to feel as though I should dedicate some hours to this. Doesn’t even need to be a complicated story either.

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I wish I could find something good to say about my experience with it, but the sad and harsh truth is, I just cannot find anything that would be a lie. I couldn’t even begin to suggest who would enjoy playing this. Maybe those who enjoy hunting achievements would like a reasonable challenge. Either way, it certainly wont be at the top of anyone’s list when it comes to making a new purchase. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing to do with it being an Indie game, I personally love Indie games, as there are some absolute gems out there. But 140 just isn’t one of them.

The puzzles however, go from being relatively easy, to insanely hard for no logical reason. Timing is of the essence, and you will need to be on top of your game for the later puzzles. Sometimes you will pass a puzzle to find that there is a platform of static to land on, which is what kills you and makes you start again. So consistency is out of the window here, and you are left scratching your head as to how this was allowed to pass any sort of certification by the team at Microsoft.

Given that a recent release Hue, which dealt with colour blindness in a genius way, you would think it would be implemented within 140 as well. Sadly for those folk who have an impossible time discerning between colours, 140 will not be for you. A colourful mess, merged with a soundtrack from hell, makes this even less an inviting prospect.

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One small saving grace that 140 does have, is the controls. A jump button and thats your lot. So no confusing controls to over complicate proceedings. So for a pick up and play title, your luck is in. So I guess that counts for something and prevents it from receiving a rock bottom score line. Precious few positives mean that 140 is a game to miss for the majority of gamers out there, and a select few may find some fun with this title, but these numbers will be few and far between.

140 is a game that offers little else to keep you playing once you finish the levels. Even mirror mode wont entice you to come back for more. Unless you are a glutton for punishment, or determined to see everything to game has to offer you.

In conslusion, I suggest you think long and hard about a purchase, and maybe take your money elsewhere. But the final decision is all yours. Just don’t expect your experience to be a joyous one. Not the worst game I have ever played, but not far off.

Rating 4

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