Fallout 4: Nuka World Review

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I’ll be honest, an abandoned theme park wasn’t something I would have originally predicted to be in Fallout 4. At the time, I thought it was a bit of a shot in the dark in an attempt to bring something completely different to the previous add-ons. But after playing through the games final DLC, I’ve definitely warmed up to the concept and embraced the madness of Nuka World.

Once hitting level 30, you are summoned to the park located on the far west side of the map. Upon arrival, you’re thrown straight into what feels like a test of your general skills having to shoot your way through traps, enemies and ambushes. It’s safe to say that Nuka World is no place for fun and games. However, the setting really allows the gameplay to be varied and interesting, tailoring it around different classic theme park attractions.

Examples of these attractions include a roller coaster rides and rooms of optical illusions. Each of these areas are ranged and distinct enough to keep you interested and I had good fun exploring what they had to offer. New monsters also come with these new locations. Although different in name and slight appearance however, it soon becomes apparent that they are just variants of existing villains that you will have already met in the Wasteland.

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In true Fallout fashion the narrative involves factions in which you’re bound to upset one and maybe even two in one way or another. Within Nuka World there are three separate factions, all of which you can complete quests for and interact with. Unlike Far Harbor however, I didn’t feel that was as much focus on the detailed choices you make with these groups. I felt like the attention had really been focused on making the theme park wacky and different which has left the story wearing a bit thin. The characters seemed a little bland and there was no conflict between the difference factions so it’s difficult to really invest your own thoughts into the choices that you make.

However, a great new mechanic of the DLC which I’m a fan of is the new raiding system. As you’re joining raider factions, this means you can now swarm the Commonwealth and take settlements for the raiders. Now you’re probably thinking this is a little impractical, particularly if you’re supporting the minutemen and their multitude of settlements. You’ve spent all this time taking and maintaining these settlements and now they’re going to be taken back. But the truth is, taking back a couple of settlements for the raiders wont hurt, you are a part of their faction too after all.

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Disappointingly though, I don’t see a way of playing this DLC without being anything but a bad guy. Now this may be great for some people, one of the criticisms of the main game was that you couldn’t play evil like other titles, but I think it’s too late now. Let’s face it, you have to get to level 30 playing the good guy anyway before even starting this DLC. So it’s great that you can be evil now, shame you can’t express that until you’ve invested hours into the main game.

Fallout’s final DLC is a lot to take in. There are plenty of positive points. Nuka World is large, immersive and there’s plenty to be getting on with. If it’s more content you’re looking for then this certainly will keep you hooked to rack up those hours. If you’re happy turning back on the people you have been helping up to this point that is. And that’s my issue here. It’s almost as if the progress you have made is going backwards on itself. I was even resilient to finish the story towards the end in case the raiders took over the whole Commonwealth. You may snigger but there are plenty of surprises in this DLC. So if you’re wanting your character to take a dark turn then Nuka World is the place to do it.

Rating 7

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