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The tag-team side-scrolling action RPG which is such a cheap grind. On the outside, Dungeon Punks looks to be a fun beat ’em up rollercoaster on your way to glory and coins, on the inside it proves to be a rusty ol’ ferris wheel that stops every few meters and the cabin sways way too much. The goal is simple, beat up bad guys, get the job done and cash in, the journey itself however isn’t so straightforward or easy for that matter.

A group of pirate mercenaries or mercenary pirates (whichever way you look at it) take odd jobs to get money, however one simple delivery job you take winds up botching and leads you into an attempt to make up for the mission going awry, that doesn’t happen either. They’re really bad at this. Charm is something seen throughout the entire story, with it’s quick witted humour and odd twists and turns I experienced my fair-share of laugh out loud moments.

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Combat is at the essence of what this game is all about and unfortunately it feels clunky, at first your expected to move around using the d-pad which is sometimes unresponsive but definitely restrictive, through my irritation I managed to find that this could be changed and moving using the analog stick isn’t such a chore. When trying to hack at an enemy it would happen often where it appears I’m close enough to hit them yet the swings of my weapon would miss leading me open to an attack from the enemies closing in behind. It certainly gets better with practice but yet why lure you into thinking your perfectly close enough to land those final blows when in reality that isn’t the case.
The game features some strong and intricate RPG elements with the levelling system, weapon upgrades and spell upgrades. Gaining experience through each mission dependent on your performance is simple, the more monsters you put to rest the more XP you receive. When it comes to the weapons you can get them as drops from enemies or buy them from the store on your ship, these all have different stats and some are unique to certain characters. Throughout some missions you come across an NPC that allows you to upgrade the currently equipped weapons for a fee of course, how else are they going to make money? Allowing you to turn some of the lower stat weapons into substantially more powerful objects of destruction. You have six characters to manage in total, and with enough experience you unlock one spell point to use as you wish between all characters, this leads to you not being able to max your spell ranks until really late on.

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Now looking at the areas the game does really well such as the visuals, the level’s and characters all of which look expertly hand-drawn and shaded whilst being filled with a vibrant and varied colour palette to make everything just come alive on the screen. Each level captures that feel and atmosphere of the setting, whether brawling inside a castle or hacking your way through marshes you definitely have that sense of awareness for your surroundings. This is complimented by the impressive soundtrack which took me by surprise. For a seemingly low budget-esque game, it has a beautiful soundtrack that really brings that fantasy adventure style vibe to the forefront of the game. The changes in music in regards to pitch, tone, tempo instantly recognisable and really hypnotic in the sense that your able to lose your self into the action.
I now bring you to the difficulty of Dungeon Punks which is a little unforgiving and rather absurd. The game unnecessarily pads out the relatively short game by increasing the difficulty which in turn causes you to have to rinse and repeat levels just so you can become strong enough to then finally beat them, even though you’re in or above the ‘recommended level requirements’. There are 12 missions in total, which easily feels at least double that when you take into account how many times you have to retreat back to the ship and start the mission again because your party’s HP is dangerously low or have suffered from the most terminal condition, death. I come away from the experience feeling irritated at the horrific grind I was subjected to. Replayability wise this game already way overstayed it’s welcome for my liking yet if you still find yourself wanting more you can go through the story again in ‘New Game+’ mode which offers more challenge than before along with the Joust mode being unlocked after each mission you complete that allows plays to go head to head against each other.
My final thoughts for this being that it can be an enjoyable experience when played with friends however on your own it just proves to be a very cheap grind with padding through use of a higher difficulty. It looks and sounds fantastic but that alone just isn’t quite enough to leave me feeling this experience was worthwhile.

Rating 6

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