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Inversus comes from Hypersect and it features strategic shooting that will test your multitasking and responsiveness. The game is all about managing the arena your playing in whilst taking care of opponents.

At first glance, I thought this was going to be a relatively simple game due to the minimal visuals and simple design. Inversus is far from easy though, as it offers fast-paced action that requires full attention and precision. The game has both online Versus matches and the solo or co-op Arcade mode. I felt that the game is best played with others but the solo stages are still extremely fun and satisfying to play.

The idea is simple; you have to shoot the other player three times for you to win the match. You move across the map but only on the surfaces of the opposite color as you. The later stages offer more intricate level designs that present new challenges and interesting situations. You can also move off the edge of the map and reappear on the opposite side, again making for some interesting gameplay situations and strategic attacks. The mechanics of the game can be tricky to pick up at first but once you learn the ropes and start to master the controls it feels great.

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Inversus has two different game modes, Arcade mode and Versus mode, which has the option for single player or you can buddy up with three other players. The standard Arcade mode puts you up against increasing numbers of enemies where the difficulty ramps up. Like I said before, your movement is based on the colours of the stage and shots that are fired turns the tiles, meaning you can change the layout and move around. You will quickly learn that stages are ever changing and enemies can come from different starting points, meaning the game has a sense of randomness and replayability.

In Versus mode the core gameplay is still the same but this time you can play 1v1 or 2v2 and you no longer play against AI, so battles play out very differently. This mode also has far more maps than the Arcade mode, with 27 in total. Every stage you play in has a certain theme and style, meaning fights are very different from map to map. Versus matches play out much faster depending on player ability. It really depends who you play against and how good your skills are. If you’re both good the matches can take longer and offer some very tense gameplay. The competitive play is when the game is most frantic and intense, with a lot of quick thinking needed.

I actually tended to play the game on my own because that’s how I prefer to play. The game is pretty much the same though, with red cubes closing you down whilst you maneuver yourself about the map and striking back. The game is hectic and extremely tense and I enjoyed it way more than I initially expected.

INVERSES PS4 Review Screenshot 3

Its hard to talk too much about the presentation because Inversus has a very sleek and simplistic style. The game uses a limited colour palette, which is important because that’s what the core gameplay depends on. The stages you play in themselves are well designed and feel unique each time you play. I really enjoyed the style of the game and the gameplay is even better, with addictive and strategic action. The soundtrack is also great, with upbeat music that matches the pace of the gameplay.

Inversus is all about quick action that can be played in short bursts. Matches are relatively short and exciting from start to finish. I also loved that the game has local co-op, so you can play with friends together in the same room. This game is perfect for either playing in short bursts or longer sessions and has the option for solo and multiplayer action. The multiplayer has slightly more to offer than the single player, but all round there’s plenty of fun to be had here. This is the kind of game that gets incredibly addictive leaving you wanting to try just more match.

Rating 7

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