ReCore – The first few hours


You are dropped into the world of Far Eden and you play a hero named Joule walking through a desert – we see her partner Mack, a robot with the appearance of a dog and the attitude of one. Joule is basically a maintenance worker, she sets out on her missions to retrieve items and fix things – she will even re-house a few bots on the way and make sure that nothing can stop her from doing her job. There are other people doing the same job out there which she may find and maybe help, who knows.

The game goes through it’s tutorial about jumping and shooting, if you make the mistake of going into “Joule’s Notes” at the beginning of the game then you will have trouble because the tutorial window will no longer pop-up to give you hints – however, if you do need to understand something in the game then you will only have to pause the game, click on “Logs” then “Joule’s Notes” and you will find what you are looking for listed there.


In the first few minutes you are sent to find a power source because your ship is no longer working, you make your way through the sandy desert fighting off other robots, known as Corebots – the game gives you a bestiary and will inform you as to what they are and how they can be defeated. As you progress through the earlier stages you will learn more about your own Corebot, Mack and the abilities he has – he can destroy other Corebots, dig for items, treasures and unfortunately, threats – but you can also upgrade him by using items you have found to build better parts. As Joule levels up, her current Corebot will level up.

Joule finds a power source after battling her way through the desert and it’s a core (similar to the blue one found in Mack) however it’s different from other ones, it’s silver/grey (known as a prisma core) and unfortunately for our adventurer it is time to face a boss – during the fight you are told that you can only defeat this enemy by extracting it’s core. After the fight you make your way back to the ship, power it up and receive a message from Joule’s father, Thomas Adams about prisma cores.

Joules heads out for her next adventure…

The game has a slight repetitiveness like any game, it’s mostly open-world and allows you to roam around fighting Corebots and collecting items, audio logs, currency, etc – however, the repetitiveness can be forgiven due the amount of activities that are available including dungeons which allow you to gain more XP, better items and they even have timers for a bonus chest. When you are in a dungeon you will see things that are currently out of your grasp but will later discover that it just means you haven’t got the correct Corebot at the moment but you will eventually – the developers have given you the permission to re-enter any dungeon that you have been in previously.

Types of enemies in this game are interesting because they will have a similar appearance to the ones that you gain as companions throughout the game and some of which can appear as an homage to older games for example the caterpillar enemy – it has appeared in many games throughout the years, even as recently as Gears of War 3 which required you shoot at the end of the enemy before you could defeat it, whereas ReCore has been designed so you should start at the end otherwise the caterpillar will split up into several enemies.

In summation, even though the game has a slight repetition problem with going through a dungeon, collecting a crystal core, defeating a bunch of enemies and doing the same all over the map , it is still the start of a potentially great gaming series with a lot of originality in terms of the world around you and who knows there may even be DLC to make it slightly different. The price is fantastic for how big it is (£29.99 digital), the controls are easy to use, the map is filled with exploratory opportunities, the graphics are pretty impressive, not as good as Quantum Break but a good example of the current generation of consoles and finally, the soundtrack is easy on the ears, it changes at the right time whether you’re in battle or simply on the menus. The game will prove to be tricky to master with it’s platform-esque challenges requiring you to take a moment to think things through before moving on, but it is kind of difficult to die from enemy as there are often instructions on the screen to let you know that you should move out of the way.

An added bonus ReCore is only a 6.1GB download/install whereas top games like Fallout 4 are 25GB+ and that just makes things easier for those of us who don’t have extra space on our Xbox One’s.

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