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An epic battle between an old lady with a moustache and a lucha libre baby fighter is about to unfold. Unnamed Fiasco is a competitive local multiplayer game where your mistakes can actually help you. Every time your character dies during a match, a new clone is created to help you by repeating your past lives movements and actions. Hit piñatas to collect power-ups and face the minute madness that completely changes the match flow. Fight on top of an old Mayan temple, a crowded bullring, a laboratory with deadly lasers and more. Face your friends on intense couch multiplayer matches or go solo on tons of action-puzzle challenges with online leaderboard. Brought to you by the developer of the same name, Unnamed Fiasco.

On first look we see a colourful and unique design with a view of characters in a slideshow fashion (one disappears and another takes the previous one’s place) – the player can change which user is going to be playing which is typical of any game really. A second controller can be used to play the game making it so your friend or whomever can play with you which is good because there are not many games these days that offer that style of gameplay anymore because most games have decided to make the choice of making sure that it one person per console so the only way you would play with other people is via an internet connection. There are modes that allow you to be without Xbox Live Gold which is good because not every Xbox One player will have gold. Personally, I do not have a preference when it comes to these kinds of games but there are plenty of people that love to play these sorts of games.

There are various options for the player to select in terms of what they want to play, a few options are: Quick Match – like many games it will put you into an on-going online game or match you up with another player, Challenges – this will drop you into a mode where you are told what to as an objective within a time limit it is a single player mode, Leaderboards – this displays various modes and their map showing the best time that other players have completed challenges in, Start – this allows you to create a custom match where you can either randomise the game mode or select one of the given options:

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Deathmatch: Like every game with an online component – the play will have to kill their enemy and they will gain a point. There will be a maximum of how many points a player can earn and when that maximum is reached, they will be able to win the match. Capture the Flag: The player will have to go and find the flag then hold on to it for as long as possible to earn points while stopping other players from doing the same thing. Treasure Hunt: The match will show random treasure drops and the player will have to locate these bits of treasure in order to earn points. Police Chase: The player with the gun will earn points from killing other players whereas those without will earn points by surviving the round. Dog Tag: Kill other players then grab their dog tag to earn points and collect your own dog tag before others can to earn points and finally Dog Tag (No Recover): You will have to kill other players to collect their dog tags for points like Dog Tag, whereas this time – the player will not be able to recover their own dog tag.

When creating a match the player can choose the maximum amount of points to be earned as well the time limit, number of players, game mode, map and various other options to make a custom match that fits the player’s preference – most of the options that are available can be randomised if the player is not too bothered about specifics. All matches have a minimum of two players and a maximum of five players, the minimum amount of time for the match to be played is two minutes and then there is a setting for when the player wants to have a match end when the score limit is reached with the “infinite” time setting.

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The game gives you the 2D-scroller appearance which can be fun because it gives you some slight reminder of games like Mario Bros, Metroid and various Nintendo games. If Unnamed Fiasco gave a story mode then it would have the potential of being an excellent game and it is possible for the player to find some entertainment value whether that is by completing challenges or fighting against people while you jump around the map in the same style of many games.

Overall, the game is fairly average – it lacks game modes such a story mode to help understand the characters that the gamer is playing as and when jumping around there appears to be a delay from input to output, the game appears to be a bit limited to being so small and there is local multiplayer so if you want to play with a friend, then it is doable whereas some random person around the world is not going to happen – lastly, there are so few people that appear to play the game so it is difficult to find a match. The good things about this game is that it gives you unique characters that are South American-themed, the map backgrounds are good in terms or colouring & detail, due to the limitations of the game it does not take a lot of storage to install, the soundtracks are well-chosen and the game is cheap at £7.99.

Rating 5

REVIEW CODE: A complimentary Microsoft Xbox One code was provided to Brash Games for this review. Please send all review code enquiries to editor@brashgames.co.uk.

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