Best Comic Book Based Online Games

Every comic book fan once wanted to become a superhero. Nowadays you have such an opportunity – just get online and find a game that suits your taste. Now, here are 6 great online games based on comic books:


  1. Wolverine on M88

This particular game is a part of a net called Marvel Mystery Jackpot, which is a jackpot-game with many levels, which may benefit you not only as a good leisure. It can be found among many other superhero games on M88 – the Internet gaming service that offers different kinds of online games that feature most of the X-Men and the Avengers characters, connecting interactions with them and an interesting gameplay.


  1. Marvel: Avengers Alliance

This one is probably the most popular game involving the Avengers team. While many other games don’t “bother” their players with a complicated interesting stories, this one features wonderful plots, involving your favorite Marvel characters into incredible battles.


  1. Marvel Heroes

It’s a game developed by Gazillion Entertainment, and is classified as an action MMO. It features many famous characters from Marvel Universe, along with a gameplay inspired by Diablo.


  1. Infinite Crisis

This is a MOBA game that involves lots of superheroes in great battles on the locations many DC Comics fans will approve. Most famous DC characters are featured, you can hire them and take part in massive combats that can lead to some great changes on the map of the game.


  1. Super Hero Squad Online

Returning to Marvel, there’s one more game that features over 5000 iconic characters of the Universe, both heroes and villains. The gameplay is based on the Super Hero Squad that became greatly popular releasing great action figures.


  1. DC Universe Online

This one is for hardcore DC fans. The game is classified as an action MMORPG, featuring tremendous physics-based battles and greatly impressive locations. You can fight in one team with your favorite characters from DC Comics and make your character as legendary one day.

You can choose any game that will suit your taste – with a great number of favorite characters, a colorful high quality graphics and a catchy plot.

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