Why do people love card games?


A deck of 52 cards made the world a much better place. There are card games enthusiasts everywhere and there are unlimited games that can be played with a single deck of cards. Every country or locale of the world has their own version of a card game. There are many international events like Poker tournaments that are conducted yearly and are played for high stakes. In India, the 13 card rummy which is known as Indian Rummy is the most popular card game.

Every card games have a standardised set of rules which will make it distinct from one another. Even in the Indian rummy, there are many sub variants like points rummy, deals rummy, pool rummy etc which has minor differences in the rules. The main reason why people love card games is the excitement it provides to the players. Some of the major benefits and reasons for loving card games are discussed below:

Improved Cognitive Functions

Most of the loved cards games in India like rummy and its variants are considered as a game of skill. These games are believed to improve your cognitive functions. In most of the card games, probability and statistics comes into play and you can refresh your mathematical skills to win the game. If you are able to remember the cards that are picked and discarded by your opponents, you can get a brief idea on the cards that your competitors are holding. Regular calculations and probability analysis, you can have improved cognitive functions.

Adrenaline Rush

Excitement is something you can always witness while playing card games with stakes. The games like poker and rummy have the reputation of giving players with adrenaline rush. It is this excitement which is the major reason why people love to play card games all the time. Some players are so fascinated to the rush, which wants them to keep playing the game. But you should always remember to play responsibly.

Strategic & Analytical Thinking

As discussed earlier, card games also enlighten players to think strategically and logically rather than emotionally. Card games like poker and rummy needs a gaming strategy for every hand you are dealt with. Card games have taught man that ‘It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand’. By implementing a perfect gaming strategy, you can gradually overpower your opponents in any card game.

In Children & Family

Card games like Indian rummy are really popular inside the families. The Indian people consider rummy as a way of socialising with the new members of the family or with the neighbours. Card games like rummy are a good way to create a bond with people. The game is also beneficial for children as they have the opportunity to learn basic mathematics like counting, addition etc by playing card games. It can also improve their confidence while mingling with the outside world.

So it is evident from digitalisation of card games like rummy and poker that card games will always be loved by people. Now with online rummy games and poker portals, people can login from different locations and play their favourite game.

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