Batman: The telltale series – Episode 2: Children of Arkham Review


The first episode of Telltale’s Batman series introduced us to the different sides of Bruce Wayne, the brutal vigilante, the billionaire social-light, and the up-and-coming world’s greatest detective and in episode 2 – Children Of Arkham it explores more into detail how these parts come together. And in doing so it delivers some genuinely shocking moments that sets up a fascinating new adventure for the dark knight. Despite being half an shorter than the first episode, Children Of Arkham far out classes its predecessor in terms of character development and story telling. This installment focuses on whether Bruce Wayne can accept what may or may not be a horrible truth about his family which leads to iconic figures in the Batman world to be redrawn under very different much more interesting light.

Children Of Arkham’s plot is serviceable detective story, the way it toys with my familiar fan expectations and the bat-truths I claim to be self evident is what gets me invested in Bruce’s Ark. Its a little easy to emphysema with his shock, anger, and sorrow I — an well pretty much everyone else — were left stunned when such a familiar, well known character is reviled to be anything but. Key moments like these is what helps boost Telltales’ focus on Bruce Wayne and his alter ego as one cohesive character rather than two of the same face sharing the same coin. Instead they are placed as different tolls for one mans disposal giving us a choice between Bruce’s political intelligence, or Batman’s fist-heavy tactics figure out the next clue.


Exploring how the allegations of Bruce’s family affect his relationship with Alfred or how the developed scandal and Bruce’s escalating interest in Selena Kyle could potentially redefine or ruin is close friendship with Harvey Dent puts all the focus Bruce more than it would normally be on the bat. Indicating Batman events that may or may not still be to come, just adding these extra levels of emotional investment make for a much more compelling tale and it does it without the pasting problems of the first episode. Although I’m extremely familiar with how some events might play out I’m all but more eager to see how it all comes together when the next episode is released.

Rating 8

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