Is it Possible to Make Money Playing Online Games?

The Real Money Benefits of Playing Video Games


Video games have captivated our attention since they went mainstream. They are a great way to relieve tension and enjoy an adrenaline-loaded experience. Millennials have grown up in a game-oriented culture, and many of them are deeply invested in this pastime. If you are looking to take your game to the next level by earning buckets of cash, you may be interested in the options available to you. Gaming is big business for those who know how to coin it from these adventure-laden pursuits. What follows is a list of 5 ways that you can mint it by playing video games.

#5 Sell Your MMO Characters for Cash


As a serious gamer, you know that character building is a time-consuming and costly exercise. Lots of effort is involved in developing your character’s skills, getting them the right gear, and earning the respect of fellow players. Once you have advanced to a high level, you may wish to consider selling your in-game character. There are rules and regulations governing the sale of characters, but Player Auctions are a great place where you can auction your account and generate a nifty profit in the process.

#4 Game Reviews Pay Handsomely


If you’re not that great of a player, but you have a flair for writing you’re in business. Have you ever considered writing game reviews for online gaming companies? These include casinos, software developers, game review websites, magazines and so forth. It’s important that you understand the mechanics of the game in order to evaluate it effectively. Once you have made a name for yourself as a writer in the gaming world, it will be much easier for your work to be picked up and appreciated by editors and content managers.

#3 Creating Game Videos for Others to Watch


You may not know it, but e-Gaming videos are plenty popular. Loads of players are tuning into sites like eSports and Twitch to watch others playing games. If you get enough views, you will be able to earn royalties from advertising. If you’ve got the gift of the gab, and you can get people interested in what you’re promoting, your view count will explode in your video will go viral. Nobody wants a Debbie Downer when they’re playing games!

#2 Farming Various Commodities in Games for Real Money

Most games today require some sort of ‘currency’ to help your character advance to higher levels. This is especially true in video games where you are required to collect gold, potions, silver, herbs, equipment and the like. While some games such as World of Warcraft may prohibit you from forming these currencies for resell, there are other games that allow you to do that. A quick search on Internet reveals that Counter Strike: Global Offensive is bang on the money. You will need to spend considerable time forming these commodities or in-game resources, so be prepared. In World of Warcraft for example you would need to sell 30,000 gold pieces for approximately $10, if you’re lucky.


#1 Play Poker Games for Real Money

Now we’re talking about something that makes sense to serious poker players! If you have developed your poker skills to a level where you feel confident about competing, you’re in the money. Many of the world’s leading poker rooms already offer real money play to players in regulated jurisdictions. There is something unique known as ICM – independent chip model – which allocates a monetary value to tournament chips. This assists with things like estimated value decision-making. For more information on how ICM works in practical terms, check out the following link. It should be remembered that this is a theoretical analysis of tournaments, and it is by no means a perfect solution to minimizing your losses.

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