God of Word Review


Single player section of the game allows you to play as the apprentice to Hermes in a live theatre production for the Gods of Mount Olympus, the stories are of Greek tales from the Mythology that we know about. The player will have to battle enemies where they are required to type out as many words that equate to the necessary amount of points which is also occurs in one of the other single player modes (Combat Marathon) which is a horde of endless enemies, there are times where words will appear on the screen and the player will have to type out those words in order to defeat enemies and there is a single player mode for that too, Typing Marathon which is an endless stream of enemies where the player will have to be very fast and accurate with their typing.

Also, there are two other modes that are found in the live theatre mode which are hangman which is the same as the game which most of us are familiar with where the player needs to type out letters from A-Z and hope they can correctly guess the word (the player is given three chances originally) and when successful the player will save a life. The other second ‘other’ mode is opening a treasure chest which can be very tricky as it requires the player to be able to type out the correct six-seven letter word out of the letters given.


Multiplayer section of the game allows you to go up against another player around the world or locally and the two players involved will have to battle with their whits and their fast typing in order to defeat the other player. The multiplayer in this game is what makes it unique from the average typing game due to almost all of them not giving the player the option to play against nor with friends or random people around the world.

In this version of the game there is a store that allows the player can upgrade the damage they per word entered and how much time can be given in order to figure out the words – the time increase can be advantageous in the way of those that struggle to figure out what they can make and when it matters most which is during the hangman section of the game (the guesses given in this game mode can be increased via the upgrade menu) and the treasure chest opening section (this requires words that are six-seven letters long). Potions may be purchased from the store for two reasons one is to increase the time that it is gained by using the yellow letters and the second potion is used to increase the damage that is done when the red letters are used in a word. There is also the option to purchase weapons that offer greater damage, time gained, etc when they are used and they require a lot of in-game currency. Finally, there is armour that can be purchased from within the store and this serves the same purpose as the weapons but the difference is it takes longer to unlock the armour sets because they require the player to completed specific chapters of the story.


Playing this game makes use of a keyboard interesting in a similar way to Typing of the dead – the keyboard version of House of the dead Overkill. As part of research into games, it proves that games like this have an edge that serves as evidence to support a game like this as being better than the average game because of the education value of it, not only is it teaching people about Greek Mythology (which can be interesting), it teaches a person how they can utilise their typing skills and if someone has time to dust their keyboard off just to relearn how to type then this game would be a great start, it also teaches you to broaden your vocabulary.

It has proven to potentially be the best game in its genre if it already is not, with being educational and fun with throwing in Greek Mythology nothing can go wrong and the bonus for this game is that it can be played in one of many languages which would be a useful tool for someone that is struggling to remember how to spell non-native language words. The downsides to this game is the graphic quality is a little lower than one would expect of a new game and there is a slight lag being keystrokes and game reaction especially in the Typing Marathon which requires fast keystrokes.

Rating 7

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