Holodrive Early Access Preview


Holodrive is a super-fast-paced 2D multiplayer shooter about exploding robots with crazy weapons and collecting outfits! When Holocorp created Dummy its purpose was to be a companion robot, your fabulous best friend. No one could predict these robots would turn out to be obsessed with exploding each other! Now they compete in special arenas and are equipped with a vast arsenal of guns, an unhealthy dose of unpredictable power-ups and wearing the most diverse accessories available.

Your dummy starts off in a tutorial (the player can skip this) – this is where we learn the basics such as jumping and moving around (something we are all familiar with) and then we are taught about each of the different types of weapons as well as the jetpack that allows you to quickly move in different directions for a specific amount of time, finally there are power-ups that can be used to help you win – more details about weapons and power-ups are to follow as well as game modes.

Game modes: Deathmatch – A free-for-all match with up to eight players, see if you can be the one that comes out on top, Team Deathmatch – The same as before except those eight players are split into two teams and Collector’s mode – This is for two teams for four players who will fight to collect energy which can be stored your vault. Energy appears every time any of the players die, a player going past you can also collect the energy and to it to their vault. A player can also attack an opposing vault to steal energy.

Weapons: Basic weapon – An unchangeable weapon that every player has, Fast fire weapons – Fires bullets at a fast-pace, they will either be a plasma gun, minigun or ‘the intimidator’, Multi-shot weapons – Short-range weapon which shoots multiple projectiles, they will either be a shotgun or a scattergun, Launcher weapon – Fires non-bullets this is not typically in a straight line, they will either be a grenade launcher or shuriken launcher, Continuous weapon – Fires a continuous beam, they will either be a raygun, flamethrower or ‘the brave heart’, Explosive weapons – High chance of one-hit kills, they will either be a bazooka or a phantomzooka and Precision weapons – Long-range/high chance of one-hit kills, they will either be a railgun, arcane bow or ‘the dematerializer’.

Power-ups: Double damage – All damage dealt is doubled, Disarm – Any player nearby (minus yourself) will temporarily lose the ability to fire their weapon, Electrify – Deals electric damage to nearby enemies, Fake Gun – Drops a weapon and causes damage upon pick-up, Force field – Temporarily blocks all damage dealt, Ice prison – Player is encased in ice, stopping them from moving while they are healed – the player cannot be attacked and the player can break the ice by pressing the power-up button/key, Invisibility – Player is completely invisible and no-one can spot them, not even allies, Overclock – Player’s movement is increased, can jump higher/further and the jetpack’s fuel is infinite, Second Chance – Player teleports to an enemy-free location and is healed, Stealer – Player can steal another player’s power-up – otherwise the player is completely healed and Uber Weapon – Firing ratio is enhanced and infinite ammo is granted.

The game has other features which include daily missions these missions will earn in-game currency which can be used in the store to purchase XP boosts and ‘packs’ – the packs are separated into two types: legacy pack will grant a randomly selected item which is for character customisation and the other type is a holopack which will grant either a random item, a weapon or a rare foil (in-game cards represent weapons and items).

Overall, Holodrive is a fairly good game – it has some great features that include the character customisation which is really & allows you to make your character as unique as possible and the match modes are quite fun, in my opinion the Collector’s mode has to be the best mode because it’s like Team Deathmatch but Capture the flag at the same time which adds to the intensity of a math. The graphics are quite good because they use a good selection of colours as well as good animations which just makes it that little bit better. Plus, the game is £6.99 at the moment and it’s a small download. The downside is that at the moment three game modes can be a little interesting but it gets repetitive and the maps look the same – the maps are too big at the moment because there are so few people playing the game so it’s hard to compete against people when it takes almost one minute to find an enemy.

The game has a lot of potential possibly by adding a single player component to get some backstory on the dummies that you control, they are fun characters but the fans would probably like more information about them and then maybe adding more maps, plus stopping players from having a one-versus-one match (unless they have smaller maps).

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