Super Dungeon Bros Preview


Join the quest to find treasure and defeat some foes along the way within the many dungeons – your quest has been given to you by the gods of rock and you must do what you can in order to complete your objective. You can play as one of four character: Axl, Lars, Freddie and Ozzie – you can even join your friends or random people around the word to get the full experience in the game; Axl is the tough guy he has no problem with fighting before asking any questions so he’ll fight through anything, Lars tries to act like a lady’s man but struggles to talk to them, Freddie is a silly kind of guy that always seem to make a joke out of something even if that something is nothing laugh about and Ozzie is the smart one of the group but his intellect is not used how it should, it’s used to create mayhem.

To help you on your quest, you are given four types of weapons (all of which have better versions that require gems to unlock); sword, crossbow, hammer and a wand – each of these weapons grant different ‘ultimates’ one example is a tornado where the player will spin around and can move in any direction to defeat enemies, there are sixteen weapons to unlock in total. All the dungeons are procedurally generated so you should get a different dungeon every time you play which will give you a unique experience every time you open this game and there are three worlds within the game to give you more even more options – these worlds are Chillheim which is an icy world filled with Ice Trolls, Bogheim which is a jungle filled with poisonous plants & animals and then there is Cryptheim which is where the undead belong.


Super Dungeon Bros starts like many games by offering a tutorial (which is recommended) – I tried the tutorial using a keyboard first and the controls are kind of difficult to get used to as they are not traditional controls and the controller version is similar will it not being a traditional setup, fortunately there is an option to change that later on. After the tutorial I decided to play the single player quest dungeon and from dying several times, it’s made me realise that the player really needs to think about what they are doing especially when the dungeon is designed to get harder the longer you are in it by giving you harder foes for you to fight as well as keeping those that you have not defeated. It may just be my lack of skill in the game but it seems like it would be a lot easier in a multiplayer session.

With the online mode, the experience I faced was not being able to access the match – the game placed me in a lobby (like any online game) and I had to wait for three other people to join. When I was matched up with three other people I waited a while to see what happens next but nothing happened so I decided to exit the lobby to see if you have to select the game mode – naturally, all that did was remove me from the lobby.  When I managed to get a match which allowed me to select one of the four characters, I was grouped with some people who seemed to know what they were doing and it was fun running through the dungeons with them.


The game has challenges which can are split between daily and weekly where the player needs to complete a goal – both kinds of challenges can be found in both single player and multiplayer which is useful because it gives you a bit extra to do even when your friends are not online. Multiplayer allows you to know online player with other people around the world but also people on different platforms (like Rocket League) and using this feature always makes a game better because then people do not have to worry about purchasing a new platform just play a game with their friends and it avoids the whole exclusivity thing which is still something that developers are doing (surprisingly). There is also a leaderboard which will show you all of the players and their points – let’s see if we can beat them.

Overall, the game isn’t too bad – it has a great soundtrack, very nice graphics, a small amount of customisation (which can be good and bad), the controls require taking time to get used to them so it’s better to keep trying single player before aggravating other players and there’s are lot of uniqueness within the game’s dungeons which makes up for some of the poorer qualities. One particular issue I have faced has been the responsiveness between button/key pressing and reaction in-game. The game should put a bit more focus into giving the player some objective other than fighting enemies, running and finding treasure. Also, another downside is that the multiplayer requires you to play with three people so you have to make sure there is always going to be three other people in your lobby which isn’t ideal. Let’s get rocking.

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