Dead Age Review


It is another one of those games where the main aim is to survive for as long as possible and to save as many lives as possible; your character will be the one that may be able to save everyone or at least yourself. You will be met with many moments that will test your beliefs in what is the right thing to do as well as creating relationships with various characters. There are redoes which allow you to come back stronger at the cost of your game progress and when you return you will learn from your mistakes as best as you possibly can. There are a few characters that are playable – however, it starts with availability of one single character the “student”.

The game opens into a prologue where the player gets to be familiarised with the way the game works such as selecting gear to use/equip, how to reload the assortment of guns that are available within the game. Player also gets to meet the various characters in the game that will help player through the campaign; each character has their own set of unique abilities including being a medic, an engineer and a survivalist. There are a number of features in the game which includes a “daily” save game which occurs when the player has completed a day’s worth of tasks. If the player wants to heal their character, then they will either have to find/buy/trade for/create medical kits and anything that gains a little health. When low on health if the player dies then they have to restart the game but they are given “medal” which can be used on a new character and it will give that character some extra abilities which can make the game a lot easier. There are also moments when the player is out on a “run” where they may find a vehicle then they have to rely on their abilities to be able to look inside and sometimes it’s a trap to either blow up & cause damage to the character or it will alert a number of enemies.


It is a role-playing turn-based game which feature a large party of various characters – however, during the early stages of the game the player needs to find the various characters in order to have them in their party otherwise it will just be their own character and that can make the game a lot more difficult.

The controls are straight forward as it only requires the player to use a mouse and the player can do virtually anything whether that is adding people to their party, roaming around the city to collect items and fight some zombies or other survivors. As mentioned before there is the feature of being able to select the gear that will help you survive and there are a number of things that the player can do including choosing where the story takes you by saving a survivor or doing a favour for another character from your camp. There is also a sort of crafting system but if your main character decides to craft something then they automatically lose a day but the player can tell other characters to craft items for everyone and this still gives room for the player to do something else.


Overall, the game is a good start for what it is; the good parts of it is the amount of customisation in terms of usable/wearable gear and the skill trees which allow each character the chance to unlock a new ability which can be very valuable in the future. Some parts that are deemed as part of the story are interesting such as being asked to do certain tasks for different character; when one of these tasks have been completed the character is let in on details about each character whether that is where they have come from or where they are going. It is good that the controls are straight forward and do not require too much time to get used to them and the levelling system is pretty straight forward because the player only has to complete a task or defeat an enemy; when they have enough experience they are able to add some skills to their character.

There are a number of downsides to this game including; the soundtrack is generic and later becomes repetitive to the point here the player does not want to listen anymore, the gameplay is limited because it is essentially a point and click game which again becomes repetitive and the story lacks a bit. The way that this game could be improved is to add a little more detail into the story to give at least the main character a reason to continue surviving, change the soundtrack a little so it does not become too repetitive and finally, make it so there is a little more to do in the game instead of having to point and click all of the time.

Rating 5

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