Infinitesimal Point Review


A man gets attacked by some sort of creature and then he ends up going through a portal to another world; a journey is ahead of the man – for every step he takes, he can end up in some form of danger. The man will have to fight against hordes of creatures in order to survive – what will he find out throughout his journey, what obstacles will he have to overcome in order to make it to the end? Let’s find out.

Infinitesimal Point starts off with the main character waking up on a bed of some sort, he looks to his left side and sees he has some sort of robotic arm. He gets out of the bed and this when the player can move the character around the room and while that happens a dialogue starts between your character & some sort of entity. The entity explains that it gave you it’s arm because you are going to need it and it tells you that you need to go find this power source. Every now and then a sort of icon appears around your character that will let you know which direction you need to be going in and when the character gets to a certain area there is a cut scene which shows you what is ahead of your position – when you get over to that area you start getting attacked by these strange-looking creatures that intend on killing you. After you fight your way through the building you are in, you end up outside and you are chased by more & more of those same creatures.


The multiplayer aspect is to just give you some help which makes the game a lot easier, you can both level-up and customise your characters – you can both have fun running away from the strange creatures while shooting at them as best as you can. It can be a good learning experience to have someone by your side because you can teach each other about the world that is around the pair of you and hopefully you can achieve some sort of greatness by defeating as many enemies as possible. Another thing is that there are not too many restrictions when it comes to the game and it generally lets you do whatever you want; for instance, you can mess around by having a shooting contest which it may not specifically be a game feature but you can always make your own fun in a game like this.

The controls are fairly standard; the player can use the mouse to “point and shoot” which is pretty effective and then there are the standard movement controls as well as interacting with the environment. Of course there is the option to change the controls as with many games that are available but I would say on the whole there is not too much for the player to learn as long as they are used to a mouse and a keyboard.


Overall, Infinitesimal Point is interesting – it has some good graphics, a useful form of upgrades for your character, the co-operation is interesting because you can get up to all sorts and the transition through “levels” can stop it from becoming a bit repetitive. The downside is that it is not always obvious as to where you should be going in the game and it becomes an annoyance when you realise you are stuck with a sort of top-down view, especially when you are being chased by one of those strange-looking creatures – also, it is hard to understand what the actual storyline of the game is as to me it is not exactly clear. There are some things that can make the game a lot better which is ensuring that there is definitely a storyline; it may have been missed during my play through but from what I saw there didn’t seem to be an exact storyline and the other thing is to make the co-op/multiplayer mode more interesting by giving each character different jobs to do but some people may like it as it is because like it was mentioned before the player can pretty do whatever they want in the game.

Go forth through the portal and find out what’s going on.


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