Akuto: Mad World Early Access Preview


Akuto: Mad World is a fast-paced arena action game with swords and guns. Death is common but by using your weapons and the environment, you can survive to fight another day. The aim is to make sure that you are the “last man” standing and to do succeed you need to utilise all of the available weapons at least that’s what the death match (sort of) mode is for.

At the moment there are three maps/arenas that are available; the dojo which is just as described in the name where the players will be battling against one another while they avoid the floor spikes which pop up out of the floor every now and then. Construction site which is a high up construction (sadly you can’t push people over), this map has a bunch of objects that can get in the way a little bit and every now & then there is what looks like a large bag of rubble, bricks or debris will drop down on the arena; sometimes you are unlucky enough to get caught underneath it. The third arena is a sort of subway/train station kind of area where there are four train tracks (two on each side) and it is probably the most interesting arena because there are trains that will run down those tracks at different times. It kind of feels like fighting as stickmen which is odd because of course the characters are not stickmen and the game just adds a bit more to it by continuing to display the bodies of the characters that have died.


The multiplayer element is good because the player can fully utilise the environment and the it makes it more fun when you have some friends playing the same game, for example; on the subway/train station arena me and my friends kept causing one another to get trapped and killed by the trains – it can turn into a whole game on its own where you just trick your friends into falling for the various traps in the game. The other part is that the player can add bots to the game which makes up for not always having people available to play with and the artificial intelligence for the bots is not too bad either because they are able to identify the player then go after them plus they can interpret an attack some of the time – for example; I was swinging a sword in the direction of a bot and it was able to dodge the blade at least four times in a row until it stopped.

The controls are straight forward if you are using something like an Xbox One controller but I decided to primarily use the keyboard and the controls were fairly straight forward because they rely on the standards conventions such as using ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ to move around while using the mouse to perform primary and secondary attacks. The extra things are the ability to strafe (move fast to the side) which is really useful against the secondary attack (gunshot) and the other keys for dodging which includes being able to crouch. When you are able to fully utilise the controls then the game just becomes so easy that you do not really need to do anything in order to beat your opponents.


Overall, Akuto: Mad World has a good start for something that is still in beta. The good qualities are; there is a different soundtrack for the different arenas available, there are quite a few game modes with various options that can change the “match” to however you want it to be, the AI for the bots are good, the difficulty is enough, the controls are understandable and the random environment kills make it a bit better plus, it is interesting to see that when the characters die their bodies remain in the arena. The downsides consist of not having enough maps that are available to player and the lack of a single player.

Akuto: Mad World is definitely a promising game that I am certain will become very popular among gamers. Also, looking on the Steam page for the game tells me that there is going to be a single player mode, a level editor mode, mini-games and an online mode (but it can’t be promised); there are possibly going to be some other features later on down the line.

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