Magnet Knights Review

Magnet Knights, a new game developed by Coconut Games, is a competitive local multiplayer, where you duke it out against your mate to finally prove who the better gamer, ergo person, is. The premise of the game is that you play as a knight, who is magnetic and can stick to walls. To win, you must collect a magnetic ball and take it to the end of the level. To aid in your quest to win, your knight can get decked out with weapons, such as swords and arrows.

Magnet Knights is a fun little local game, because it is the sort of game where anything can happen. Last second, someone can whip out a Mighty Hammer and take the ball out of your hands. The competition is always rife and Magnet Knights knows how the get your adrenaline going if you are playing against a great adversary. If I had to compare it to another game, I would say it creates the same atmosphere that playing a game such as Mario Kart can give. It brings in the competitive side of friendships, where you get to settle the score and frequently shout things like ‘lag!’ and ‘my controller is broken!’


In its current state, the game is in the bare bones state the majority of games come out in these days, but there are supposed to be updates in the works, bringing more content with them. This is good news, because the game is actually a lot of fun if you get in to it, but you need to have good people to play with for the game to shine. You cannot play with someone who does not bring out your competitive side, likewise you to them, or you will not get the full experience. I would recommend actually getting a small group together, getting some snacks going and making a party of it. This is truly a great game to play with others, but playing against one other player can feel repetitive quickly. It is is one of those games that can easily be incorporated into a competitive, but friendly, atmosphere.

The only solo content the game has is training, which can feel a bit bland. It is obviously not meant to be played on repeat, purely acting as a tutorial. Really, it is one of those game modes that you click in to once and then never again. Due to this, the games single player content is particularly lacklustre. Do not buy this game with the intention of playing it as a single player, you will regret it within five minutes. I would recommend only buying it if you are part of a group that likes to game frequently together and you are looking for a game to throw into the mix.


Magnet Knights actually looks quite charming too, with great art and sound. It is 2D, which only adds to the charm. The colours are nice and soft, as though the game was designed with a young audience in mind, but that does not mean that it detracts from the experience an adult would get out of the game. It simply looks friendly to anybody, employing a tact that most local multiplayer games use.

I think this game is worth the money. It is fun, and can bring out that adrenaline rush that only local multiplayer games can bring out, the adrenaline that leaves you holding your breath but also has you hooting with laughter. If you like getting your friends together and playing games, you should definitely think about adding this one to your collection, especially with more content in the works.

Rating 7

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