Predicting the PlayStation Plus ‘free’ games for February 2017

Predicting the PlayStation Plus 'free' games for November 2015


In amongst the activity of Christmas and New Year I forgot to make my predictions for the January 2017 PlayStation Plus games. In the end it was a bit of a bumper month with some quality titles like This War of Mine, Day of the Tentacle (one of my favourite games of all time), Titan Souls and The Swindle. Those first three had been on my predictions radar for a while, but if I’m honest I probably wouldn’t have guessed them for this month. However it’s now time to look forward to February where Sony will hopefully be just as generous again.

There are no leaks or hints to provide a clear to what Sony could offer as their ‘free’ games in February so my first point of call is to check out the new releases. These seem to have dried up on the PS3 and while the Vita has a few upcoming, none are on 7th February which is when the PS Plus games get refreshed. The PS4 does however have a couple of likely suspects with 2D shooter 8Days and Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker. Actually, probably safe to ignore that last one.


Following on from that I’ve reviewed the current January sale on the PS store as these games are unlikely to be included. This immediately rules out a number of high-profile games and series such as Uncharted, Diablo III, Battlefield, Mortal Kombat, Ratchet & Clank, Mirror’s Edge, Grant Theft Auto, Need for Speed, Bloodborne, Plants vs Zombies, Doom, Metal Gear Solid, Dying Light, Assassin’s Creed, Telltale Games, Firewatch, XCOM, Dragon Age, Unravel, Goat Simulator, The Order: 1886, Salt and Sanctuary, Gravity Rush, The Escapists, Trine, Knack, Aragami, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Mordheim: City of the Damned, SteinsGate, Hotline Miami, The Bunker, Child of Light, Deadlight, Octodad, Bastion, Mighty No. 9, Star Wars, Lara Croft, Banner Saga and Resident Evil.

My final step isn’t especially scientific. I’ve compiled a number of strong possibilities from previous months that have failed to materialise and will simply pick out a few from them. These include Oxenfree, Tearaway, God of War, Crysis, Far Cry, Max Payne 3, Lost Dimension, Virtue’s Last Reward, Criminal Girls 2, Trillion, Soma, Inside, Surgeon Simulator, Adr1ft, Bound, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, The Witness, Trials Fusion, Shadow of the Beast, Retro City Rampage, I am Bread, Never Alone, Rochard, Valiant Hearts, Fat Princess Adventures, Steamworld Heist, Grow Up, Risk of Rain, Sheltered, Nidhogg, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Wander, A Boy and His Blob, Hard Reset, Dokuro, Assault Android Cactus, Party Hard and Unepic.


PS4 predictions:




Nidhogg (cross-buy)

PS3 predictions:


Max Payne 3

Vita predictions:

Nidhogg (cross-buy)


In the next few days we’ll see if I’ve managed to get any right myself.  In the meantime please leave your predictions in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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  • bremstar

    Rochard and Dokuro have already been PS+ freebies, and I’ve never seen them repeat any titles since they launched the program.

    • Dan Miller

      Hi bremstar, I’m guessing you’re American or Canadian? Here in the PAL region (BrashGames is a UK site) we have not had Dokuro or Rochard as PS Plus freebies.