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It’s been awhile since there has been any good arcade fighter games, most games now are very story heavy or try to introduce unique mechanics to make game-play more interesting. Whilst these games are fun, I’ve missed the good old days of fighting various enemies in stages with awesome powers. Thankfully, Copy Kitty lets us do just that.

One of the main themes of this game is computer science and programming, this is evident in the art style as each level loads with binary code in the background, it’s also seen in the characters and story. To start with you play as Boki, a young cat girl who has the super power of copying her opponent’s weapons. She is given a military training simulator by her uncle (who you get to play as later) he made it for her so she could see her potential and practice using her powers. Boki’s character is a bit easier to play so she’s good for newcomers to the game, you can shoot the weapons you pick up from enemies, switch between them and combine them for a more powerful shot. Her uncle, Savant has quite a different playstyle, he can fly around, you must place a command line window in front of him before you can shoot and he can combine weapons in multiple ways, each providing a different outcome. Therefore, I recommend that players should only play him once comfortable with the game as they will be multitasking a lot.

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The story mode of the game has 10 worlds that each have about 10 levels in them, the aim of each level is usually to kill all the targeted enemies. However, there is variation, sometimes the player will start with no weapons and must use the basic one or must kick to kill enemies until they get one from them, the methods of completing the mission change a little too, the most memorable was getting to pilot a mech through most of a level, there are also interesting boss fights at the end of each world. Story mode is available after completing the tutorial and each level is completed on “Normal” mode first, after you’ve completed every level once, you can complete levels on a “Hard” difficulty so players who like a challenge won’t be disappointed however, it is a load of work to get through all the levels on the “Normal” difficulty. Endless mode is set in a battle area that regularly changes so walls and floors will appear and disappear, sometimes making fighting harder, this keeps the fights interesting. There is a boss and a checkpoint every 5 ways and after you complete 10 waves, a new battle area becomes available. This mode is fun but takes a long time to become difficult, the same can be said for the “Normal” story mode, unfortunately it becomes easy to start button mashing your combo midst fight which usually kills everything and your weapons won’t run out because enemies die around you and drop more. You can also create your own levels in a simple, intuitive editor, much like the one in Super Smash Bros Brawl which can be shared with friends.

I found that the controls for this game are hit and miss. During the tutorial, it felt like I was given a lot of information regarding which button did what and it felt confusing at first. You can play with a keyboard which I personally disliked and found the default buttons odd (Who uses x, y and z?!) but luckily you can rebind all the keys. You can also play with an Xbox controller which I found more natural and after a couple of levels the controls are very easy to remember. Copy Kitty can get addictive and will have you wanting to play more, especially because the missions are varied and each character has their own levels and plot-line. The level editor also encourages people to keep playing as members of the community will make challenging and fun levels for people to play.

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The soundtrack for the game is upbeat techno/electronic music which really suits the game-play as it’s fast paced. It also makes you feel like a badass because let’s face it, who doesn’t like killing bad guys whilst listening to techno music. The art style can be described as cartoony and cell shaded, I really liked the character design, it’s cute and they change colour depending on what weapons they have. The colour palette is bright but not hard to look at, the effects for the weapons are bold and truly spectacular. Although admittedly, the screen does get cluttered in fights when there are lots of weapons being fired. This can make it hard to see some enemies and their projectiles, which resulted in me taking some unnecessary damage. There are a couple of bugs in the game, which is to be expected from an early version of the game, the worst one being a large text box that didn’t disappear and obstructed my view of the screen for the entire level meaning I had trouble seeing enemies and my character, not ideal but it didn’t happen again in other levels.

Copy Kitty is a fun arcade fighting game, a little like One Finger Death Punch and Super Smash Bros Brawl, it doesn’t get boring quickly as there is a lot of variety. Minor bugs and slightly awkward controls are an annoyance and generally most of the game is not difficult. But, players who like fast paced games you can jump into quickly, games with shorter levels or like cats and techno music will enjoy this game.

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