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Happy Wheels, originally a game designed for PC that was made famous by the likes of famous YouTubers, PewDiePie and Toby Turner, has now been released on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Happy Wheels is a side scrolling, physics based, obstacle game. The objective of the game is to negotiate one of the thirty-five levels currently available and cross the finish line, with one of three characters each with their own mode of transportation; Business Guy who rides a Segway, Irresponsible Dad, who with his son, takes to the courses on a bicycle and finally Wheelchair Guy, a man with an outrageously powerful, rocket-propelled wheelchair.

Each character has a set of fifteen unique levels to complete, with the exception of Wheelchair Guy who currently only has five levels. Getting across the course with one of these characters is no mean feat. As people who have played the PC version will know, actually crossing the finish line with one of these colourful characters is a very hard and yet comical task. Trying to negotiate ferociously spinning blades, harpoon guns that indiscriminately fire at will and powerful flying explosive mines that will chase after you, all of which can leave you with only one arm, or one leg that can either be graphically left trailing behind you or just simply blown off to later be found half way into the level. Or even funnier still, trying to complete a level with a few harpoon bolts sticking out of your backside and a crushed bicycle wheel, is as fun as it is graphic. There is however an option to turn the gore off, if you’re so inclined.

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Some of the levels are infuriatingly hard. This game had me attempting the same levels over and over again, teasing me by allowing me to get a little bit further along the course before being violently crushed by two cars randomly slamming together causing my characters’ body to explode into a billion tiny pieces. Intestines and blood splattered everywhere. But, it’s this slight progression that keeps you coming back for more. Not at one point have I found replaying a level stale or boring. Getting past one insanely hard obstacle and gaining a few meters on your previous attempts becomes an addiction, until you finally go through the chequered flags at the end of the level, with sweaty palms and a huge sigh of relief. Although the next level instantly starts and you have to go through the same hilarious agony all over again.

I did however find myself battling with a few glitches. For some reason, the game wanted me to keep turning on my Bluetooth, which was a bit odd seeing as you definitely don’t need it. This became increasingly annoying. Every time I died (which was a lot) the notification would pop up again and again. This is something I am sure will be fixed in a new update of the game but nonetheless, it doesn’t stop it from being an infuriating bug. Also a range of REALLY annoying adds would pop up every now and then but this can easily be overcome by paying £1.49 to remove the adverts and essentially, help support the game and its developers. These are really the only few bad points I can find about the game.

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Happy Wheels also comes with a level creator. Although creating a level is fairly straight forward, on a mobile device it does become a bit tricky. Trying to get obstacles where you want them exactly is hard and trying to make a level with jumps and more complex obstacles, with the very limited building blocks on offer, is even harder. Although, this addition to the mobile game is welcomed and it could offer some fun, it is much more suited to the PC version of the game, where thousands of more complex and fun user-generated levels already exist.

Happy Wheels is a great mobile game. Although it is very simple, I have spent countless hours playing this. I am not the biggest mobile games fan by any means but Happy Wheels really did have me ensnared with its comic violence and harsh level design. With the games developers Fancy Fore currently working on creating more levels and soon to be adding in more playable characters, couple that with Happy Wheels’ price point currently being free, (if you don’t mind adverts) it really is a fantastic game to be able just to pick up and play, whether it be at home or on the commute to or from work, you will lose hours to this game. Just try not to throw your phone across the room in anger when you can’t beat a level.


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