New Horizon Zero Dawn Trailers Released


Prior to Horizon: Zero Dawn’s March release, Guerilla Games have released 3 brand new trailer showcasing the game’s new world and its robotic inhabitants.

The three trailers are titled  “Earth is Ours No More”, “Explore the Wild”, and “Overwhelming Odds” each showcase different aspects of the game’s new world. The first of the three trailers alludes to the worldwide apocalyptic event that resulted in the devastating loss of life and the rise of the robots, whilst the second trailer showcases the game’s post apocalyptic environment as alloy hunts for her clan and explores the game’s open world. Finally, the third trailer showcases the game’s main robotic enemies, ranging from giant robotic dinosaurs, to smaller and more agile prey.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is slated to debut exclusively on PS4 on February 28th in the US, and March 1st in Europe.

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