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OBEY is all about power, who has it, who doesn’t and how you go about getting it. It provides an interesting visualisation based on power and where power is found within in our society, for example, companies have power over employees and things such as farming have power over all human society because we’ve become dependent on it for a basic need: food.

Cute. Squeaky. Defenceless. That’s what you are, or at least what you appear to be. The aim of OBEY is to make the most money, this is done by feeding the overlord robot to get paid or by subverting the power (by sneaking into the giant robot and taking control) using the other bunnies to make money. The game is round based, you join a server and play with other people or bots if not enough people join a match. You can join a game at any time, which can be a disadvantage as you start with very little money and must work harder to catch up to other players. In addition, the rounds are very long which can give you plenty of time to get from the bottom of the leader board to the top, but it might not be ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time and it can get frustrating if someone is very far ahead and you can’t catch up as you still must play through the entire round. Also, the long rounds can get a little dull after a while. The game can be slow paced because sometimes players must wait for the right opportunity or distraction to arise before they can make a break for the robot so the game may not appeal to players who would like a faster paced game that doesn’t require too much thinking.

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The gameplay works much better with friends, there is a heavy focus on multiplayer as the game has no single player mode and the game supports in game voice and text chat. Also, the game is easier if you are talking with your friends/other players because you can conspire against the overlord more effectively to take over. Sometimes players will use the in-game voice chat to alert the overlord to your disobedience which can ruin your evil plans, so you have to outsmart the other bunnies too.

The tutorial of the game is a little intimidating to new players because it unloads a lot of information about various items, controls, and important map locations all at once. It can be hard to take in and the aim of the game isn’t clearly explained but once you start playing the game, it becomes obvious and there is an option to spectate a game games in progress to learn more if you really don’t understand. The controls of the game are very straightforward, WASD to move as a bunny, space to jump and mouse buttons 1 and 2 to pick up and drop items. The controls for the robot are also straightforward (move light around with mouse, fire with mouse buttons) but it may take a couple of games to remember the keys such as C to bring up a command menu. The controls are easy to pick up and feel natural.

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Apart from environmental sounds such as the dropships dropping items and bunnies squeaking, there isn’t much in game music. The only theme music is played in the menu, it’s upbeat, electronic and seems to be based around music from older sci fi and dystopian films. The art style is colourful, cute and pleasing to look at, the lighting in game is dark meaning the game is easy on the eye and doesn’t get hard to look at.  The game has a lot of replay value because there is no story mode so the game is essentially endless.

OBEY is a fun multiplayer game that requires you to think about your decisions and make cunning plans to win. It can be frustrating sometimes and personally, I find it hard to play it for a long time. The game doesn’t have a huge number of players, so often you do play with bots, hopefully as the game gets more popular this will become less of a problem. I’d recommend it, especially if you happen to like bunnies and explosions.

REVIEW CODE: A complimentary PC code was provided to Brash Games for this review. Please send all review code enquiries to editor@brashgames.co.uk.

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