Why Online Casino Beats the Real Thing

The history of gambling dates back thousands of years and no one can say exactly when it started. There have already been some betting and gambling during the Roman Empire period. Of course, the games have not always been the same, yet the main principle doesn’t change – you bet some sum of money in a hope to double, triple etc the invested money. All this was happening until casino games appeared, becoming more and more popular among people worldwide.

Speaking of our times, players are offered two gambling spheres to opt for: online and offline. For the last couple of years online casinos have become extremely popular due to multiple features, options, functions, innovations and technologies they offer clients, making a virtual game seem like real. But even these are not all advantages online casinos can boast of.

Comfortable homely atmosphere

An opportunity to play from home is especially beneficial for those who don’t like to show off in traditional gambling houses as well as spend hours for preparations and travelling. You can simply wear your lucky T-shirt, sit on a comfortable sofa, have a drink and enjoy the time choosing slots from microgaming, platech, netent and others, thus increasing chances for a positive outcome. These gaming giants produce and release hundreds of new slots annually. That’s why there will not be any difficulties choosing a favourite one. Additionally, if you wish to stay at home but be social then you can join live games, playing which you can chat with a dealer and other participating in a game people.


When you walk into a physical casino and purchase chips for $100, you get exactly chips for $100. Whereas when playing at virtual casino websites, you are often offered great bonuses. It could be, for instance, no download slot top bonuses, a sign-up bonus, a welcome back bonus and many others.


Online casinos operate 24/7, non-stop, without holidays and vacations. That’s why if you feel like playing early in the morning or late at night – you will be always welcomed as a customer. Keeping this in mind, you can gamble not only whenever you want but wherever you want too. There is a great variety of apps due to which one can enjoy favourite games or slots absolutely everywhere. Or if you have an internet connection then there is no need to download any apps on the phone, tablet etc at all. Just enter the casino website and have a great time making additional money.


People who play in online or land based casinos are dreaming of hitting the jackpot. As the practice shows, the biggest number of so-desired jackpots was hit exactly in a virtual world even when players were using free spins! Furthermore, internet jackpots always increase in value and all you need to hit one is to just have a bit of luck on your side.

Considering all the aforementioned befits, one clearly understands why online casinos beat the real thing and why they are increasing in popularity.

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