Zombies Zombies Zombies Everywhere: Unexpected Zombie Infestations in Gaming

There surely have been some shocking zombie moments in TV and film records through the years. Spoiler alert, but Rick was able to stab an unhinged Shane in AMC’s The Walking Dead (s02e12) before Carl was able to kill Shane for the second time after he unexpected resurrected as a zombie. On the big screen, one of the most unexpected moments was when Bill Murray made a hilarious cameo in the 2009 hit Zombieland, written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick of Deadpool fame. Murray was on great form, actually playing himself pretending to be a zombie in order to avoid becoming one of the undead.

With The Walking Dead still on our screens since 2010 and World War Z 2 coming out when Paramount are good and ready, our love affair with the walking corpses seems set to continue. Hanging out with the living dead is also very popular in the gaming industry. In addition to the clearly zombie-focused games, the pesky undead sometimes make an undead appearance in the most surprising of places. Here’s our list of the most unexpectedly entertaining ones.

Zombies in Spaceland

The zombie spin-off has become a much-anticipated staple of the Call of Duty series and the latest ’80s inspired offering as part of Infinite Warfare is a peach. The ’80s characters are great retro fun to take control of and an appearance by David Hasselhoff as a DJ of a zombie-infested club is just legendary. Players can also play as the star of Baywatch (1989-2001) and Knight Rider (1982-1986) to battle the zombie swarms in a truly unique, uber-cult gaming experience that will appeal to many. All the action takes place in theme park creating lots of visually impressive scenes and there is a great variety of zombies to take out, such as the exploding zombie clowns. There is also a superb mini-game available if you’re able to make the Polar Peak Roller Coaster operational again, as this transforms into an on-rails shoot-em-up game that you’ll want to repeat again and again. As a standalone game, Zombies in Spaceland wouldn’t necessarily get your gaming juices flowing, but as an addition and alternative to the main game of Infinite Warfare, it’s a more than welcome experience and a great addition to the series.

Lost Vegas

Generally, when you think of slot machines you conjure up images of brightly coloured fruit spinning on reels with accompanying casino sounds and flashing lights. Yet, the internet age has seen the transformation of slots as we know them, one that often comes with themes offering stunning visuals, engaging play mechanics, atmospheric sounds and now, zombies. Developed by Microgaming and proving popular on the Betway casino slots page, this title allows you take control of either one of few survivors of the zombie apocalypse, or the zombies themselves. The mode you choose can be changed during the game, but it’s an interesting feature and the mini games Blackout and Zombie Fist of Cash are both absorbing and rewarding. Microgaming are huge players in the iGaming industry and their latest contribution to slot gaming is well worth a look whether you’re in free-play or wagering some cash, it’s a surprisingly entertaining addition to the zombie gaming arena. Zombie Elvis, anyone?


You can go here to read our complete first season review of Hitman, but you should know that Agent 47 is no stranger to zombie killing. Those that played the Death on the Mississippi mission in Hitman: Blood Money released in 2006 will know that if you killed people in a certain way, you’d find yourself up against the undead. There is now also a free update for the mobile game Hitman: Sniper ranked number one action game on Google Play in The U.K. and Canada. It’s appropriately named Death Valley Challenge Mode. Here you must use your sniper skills to defend Ben as he attempts to fix his transport while surrounded by a variety of different zombie antagonists. There are many levels of ever increasing difficulty with lots of achievements to unlock and responsive AI that gives fans of the game a new challenge once they’ve grown weary of taking out humans.

Red Dead Redemption

The Undead Nightmare Pack released in 2010 that plunged John Marston into a world of zombies in a frontier country was a surprising addition from Rockstar Games and proved to be a real hit. Seeking to find a cure for the zombie plague the combination of Western and horror movie makes a compelling gaming experience. With a fresh multiplayer mode, new weapons and plenty of variety to the undead enemies, it was among the best offerings for downloadable content back in 2010. You could tell a lot of work went into this expansion pack and with a new Red Dead game out this year, we should all cross our fingers and hope Rockstar pull the same trick twice.

Plants Vs. Zombies

Granted, you may have thought that zombies did belong to a tower defence game (and how could they not?) but we bet that before 2009’s Plants vs. Zombies, you never thought you could fight them off using flowers and other flora. This was such a huge hit game for developers PopCap Games after its initial release for PC, while the following release on Xbox 360 added to the phenomenal success of the game. The developer has somehow found a perfect balance between nauseatingly cute plants and foreboding yet amusing zombies. With loads of different adversaries and plenty of varieties of plants, all with different attributes to assist in the battle, it’s got an abundance of substance to keep you coming back for more. The increasing difficulty level and altering scenery also made this one an astoundingly addictive release that appealed to adults and kids.

These are our entries for unexpected zombie gaming experiences, but we must mention the Left 4 Dead series and ZombiU as the pick of the bunch for games in which you know you’ll get some zombie action. Our desire to tackle the zombie hordes shows no sign of abating, so look forward to future zombie surprises and new living dead titles soon.  ​​

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