Space Jammers Early Access Preview

Space Jammers. This game is a fast paced top-down shooter that is very exciting and fun to play. There are many different features that interest me in this game, and because of the simple shooting mechanic, there was a lot of time to be working on many different weapons, the graphics and other mini games, it seems at least. Similar to games such as Enter the Gungeon and Nuclear Throne, this game is a shooter with a lot of promise. I had a lot of fun playing this game, and I find myself absolutely planning on playing with a few friends, with the multiplayer feature, especially with the ability to choose different characters that have unique abilities.

To start off with, I will talk about the UI, GUI and Menu screens. When you open the game, you’re greeted with the menu screen, after the Spreadshot Studios Icon. Straight away, the music is very nostalgic, with a nice and catchy 8 bit inspired soundtrack. This straight away gave an idea of what I’m in for, playing this game. The menu screen prompts you into pressing any key, to then give you New Game, Options and Save/Exit buttons to select. If you start a new game, that brings you into the character select screen, which lets you either choose your character and start, or even let other people join your game, which I believe is Local Co-op mode.

In the options menu, you are given options such as Graphics, which has a few options on how the game will look, as well as choosing what Resolution style you would like, full screen, border-less full screen, or windowed mode. You can also choose between post processing options, like film grain, bloom, pixel quality, scan lines and vignette. If you use the arrow keys, or the left and right second bumpers, you can move to the next set of options. The next one is Game play, and these ask for options such as the speed of aiming with a mouse, where the camera follows and how, how the reticle follows the player, and whether or not you have auto zoom on. The next option page shows the sound options, which are only whether or not the special effects sounds are on, or whether or not the music is on. All of these options are good, and I’m pretty impressed by the post processing options, as it really helps the game when it comes to how cinematic it looks, or how good in general it looks. These options are great, but I would rather have the option to choose what resolution I would like to use, specifically.

When you get into the game, straight away you’re thrown into a little room, to prepare yourself. The controls of the game are simple, mouse button or joysticks to aim, and WASD to move, or joysticks respectively for the controller. Move out of this room, and pick up weapons from the chests on the way. If you’re lucky, you can get a great weapon from the start. I found myself getting a unicorn weapon early. This weapon basically shoots out three bullets at a time, and due to each weapon being randomized, it could either be a weapon that has bouncing bullets, homing bullets, splitting bullets and others that I may not have come across yet. The weapons aren’t limited to guns, either. You can find melee weapons, weapons to shoot/throw grenades, or even weapons to place down mines as you run about. I really like the randomized effects to each weapons, as every time you play the game, it’s a different experience. The replay-ability factor in this game is INSANELY high. Props to the developers for making something I could just come back and play, without getting bored.

Now, due to the kind of game this is, it’s difficult to pay attention to everything around you at once. So this game naturally is quite difficult, but when you get into certain character’s abilities, you can keep playing the game, to get a good leader board score. If you don’t get a lucky weapon, or a weapon you could find useful at the start, it’s a lot more difficult to play. But as soon as you find one of those interesting weapons, you’re set and good to go. I found myself running around back to a chest, where I know its location, to keep opening it hoping for a better item. This game is actually pretty difficult, because you’re not constantly aware of how much you can shoot before you need to recharge. And also because your HP isn’t obvious until you’re hit, as it quickly shows how many you have left. If you’re not paying attention to that, you could easily die from being too reckless. I would personally prefer to know my HP, but WAIT. I just figured out that this was a bug all along! I realized that if your cursor went outside of the player view, it zooms out, and lets you see your HP, etc. This is BAD, because the setting that is responsible for this was “on”, at default. This means that I’ve been playing the game with a handicap, without knowing it. I turned auto zoom to the “off” state, and now I see my HP all the time. This is an issue that I literally figured out while typing. I genuinely believed this was a difficulty factor, and if it was, I would have been fine with it. But this must not have been intended!

While I was playing, I found a little guy shouting “HELP!”, and when I interacted with it, the little guy joined me! This spiced up the game play, it means that if you don’t have any friends who have the game, you can still play with multiple characters. This is great, and explains why I had so much trouble with the first boss. If I got a buddy first, then I could sweep the boss a lot easier. While playing I currently have two little NPC buddies running with me, and oh man it is SUPER fun. Even while I write this review, I play the game. Can’t stop it, it’s too addictive. What makes this game even more fun, is the fact that each level, there’s a different statistic or multiplier, or something different in each level to make it more difficult, and more fun. The one I’m in now, means that every time you hit an enemy, they clone! I just had to beat a giant group of slimes. Difficult, but fun!

In conclusion, this game is extremely fun, and I suggest you try it out. The leader boards give you a goal every time you play, and the features in game keep you having fun. If you’re interested in games like Enter the Gungeon, Nuclear Throne, etc, you would love this game. Top down arcade shooter, with wacky enemies and awesome weapons. To the developers, you did a great job! But try to sort out that zoom issue I mentioned, as many new players may do the same as I did. This game is in Early Access, and it’s one of my favourite Early Access games so far as it’s a super fun game, and I can’t wait to play more and see future updates.

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