How to Embed Flash Game in Excel Spreadsheets

Keeping Yourself Engaged

A rare lazy day at the office can be refreshing and help us recharge our physiological batteries? So when you are traveling for long hours or sitting idle at the office cafeteria, all we need is a distraction/ time-pass. With the advent of smartphones and moderately cheap data plans, quick and refreshing online gaming sessions are possible. However, some workspaces do not allow you to use smartphones with the project areas owing to compliance restrictions. Even casual web browsing is restricted due to strong firewalls and Internet policies adopted by a majority of corporations.

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could configure one of your regular working tools such as Excel to entertain you for your while? A unique and innovative solution to this is Embedding Flash Games into an Excel spreadsheet. You can also utilize this unique feature that Excel offers to embed other flash content such as videos on your Excel spreadsheet. For a rookie user at your workplace, you can now embed a Flash Video of basic Excel tutorial to help him get started and learn the ropes. Organizations in need of training their staff without the usual hassle of organizing large-scale training sessions can also utilize this feature to provide tutorial videos on the go to their employees.

Adding Flash Games to Your Excel Sheet

Let us look at the steps through which you can embed a Flash game into your excel spreadsheet. Generally, Flash Games are downloaded and added in the form of SWF or Small Web Format files. You can follow these steps for adding Flash content to Excel 2007 and Excel 2013: –

  1. Start Microsoft Excel and open the workbook in which you want to embed the flash file.
  2. Add Developer Tab: – This tab is usually not displayed by default. Click on the Microsoft Office Button on the top left-hand corner of your Excel Worksheet and click on “Excel Options”. Activate the “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon” radio button. Click “OK” to save these changes. Now you will be able to see the “Developer” tab beside your usual “Home”, “Insert” tabs in the excel worksheet.
  3. Import Shockwave Flash Object: – Go to “Developer” > “Insert” > “Form Controls”>”More Controls” window and select “Shockwave Flash Object” to add a control square inside to worksheet. This control square or the video control box can be resized by you by using your mouse to drag the dots in the corners along the edges. This area will now act as your game screen. You can also position it at your suitable location within your spreadsheet.
  4. Configuring your Control Box: – Here we will change a few settings of the control box we just created. Right click on the area and select “Properties”. You will need to configure the following changes-

Autoload = True

EmbedMovie = True

Enabled = True

Loop = True

Playing = True

Movie = Location of the game file or video file on your PC

If you want to add a.SWF file from your website, you can use the link for the same in the “Movie” field. After these settings, you can close the “Properties” tab.

  1. Preview: – To see a preview of the content you just added, go to the “Developer” tab and click on the “Design Module”.
  2. Finally, close your excel file and when you open it again, you will see your game in front of you, ready to play.

A Perfect Respite from Boredom

The phrase “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” is remarkably apt for today’s times. With the above-mentioned steps, you can setup a small game of puzzles or cards to relax and distract yourself from the humdrum of daily work-life, all without compromising on your company’s security policies. We hope you found the above tutorial useful.

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