Operation Hydra now available for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans are in ecstasy now, as Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation have released a massive new update for the game that attracts around 600,000 players per day. The first new operation in over a year, Operation Hydra runs until September and features all new events which are twists on the classic game rules. It’s free to play, and there is plenty to keep gamers interested. It may possibly even attract retired users back to the game.

The two main things that players will notice about this latest update are that there are a number of new maps and game modes. Some players have requested specific changes in the past and will be happy that these have finally been delivered. These are things such as headshot-only death matches, low-gravity fights, and only being able to purchase one weapon per match.

In addition to these exciting new features, there are also going to be weekly events that operate on a rotation basis. The three main events are War Games, Wingman, and Weapons Expert. The events are open to all users, but those who purchase the all access pass will stand themselves in better stead and have an extra advantage, as they will be able to earn additional XP and make progress towards upgraded coin and item drops. Access passes are going for just over £5, which is a reasonable price for such a vast amount of extra content. Another way to gain the upper hand on the rest of the Counter Strike community would be to purchase additional upgrades for the game from places like Case51. These include guns, knives and armour, with various different skins available as well.

By the sounds of things, the new events will take some getting used to. Wingman, for instance, is a brand new 2v2 mode where players will battle over 16 rounds. This is a great one to play with a good friend and just have fun. It would be ideal for those players who don’t take it too seriously and prefer not to get involved with the hardcore teams.

Weapons Expert is geared to the more distinguished player and will require participants to use all their cunning to beat their opponents. It’s a high octane 5v5 best of 30 match, where players only get to purchase a weapon once. This means they’ll have to be adept at using a number of different weapons rather than sticking with the ones they are used to. The other new event – War Games – involves bomb defusal and one player has to wear heavy armour. This could prove to be an interesting twist on the traditional ways of playing.

Operation Hydra is definitely going to come as a relief to gamers who were keen to have some refreshing changes to the ongoing online battle. By the looks of things, players will have more fun with this update rather than take it too seriously. For those who wish to do so, the normal version of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is still available to play.

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