Progressive Slots Offer Best Betting Return

Online video slots now rival traditional casino games for action and game pace, and have surpassed land-based casinos in payouts.

There is no better indicator than that large amounts you can win playing progressive slots online, versus in a land-based casino. Online casinos have the luxury of no real space restrictions, unlike land-based casinos. That makes it possible for online casinos to link together a potentially limitless number of progressive casino slots.

With so many progressive slots linked, the pots can and often do grow rapidly when playing online. In many cases, progressive jackpots, which apply a portion of each wager to the jackpot to make it grow, start at $1 million and grow from there.

In just a few weeks, a million dollar jackpot might multiply into several million dollars. In fact, a UK citizen recently won the largest progressive jackpot ever recorded and worth some $8.5 million. In many cases, bettors win progressive jackpots several times per year, which makes them more accessible than the lower-valued progressive jackpots found in traditional casinos.

One of the most popular progressive slots, Mega Moolah, offers a progressive jackpot that starts at $1 million and continues growing until won. Usually, the jackpot is won three or so times per year, making millionaires of several, while giving even more bettors a chance to become truly wealthy.

To win the big prize, though, the game randomly selects players to get a shot at the top prize via a special bonus round. If you win the bonus round, you become rich — even after taxes in most nations.

You can win millions playing Mega Moolah at and other gaming websites, so long as you live in a location that allows online gambling. Otherwise, you will be restricted to free games only, which you can play for fun and entertainment.

Another great advantage when playing online slots versus those you might find on the Las Vegas Strip is the looser nature of the slots. Even when you don’t win a large jackpot, you still stand a better chance of profiting from your slots play when playing online.

An loose slot at an online casino generally will pay back 98 percent and maybe even 99 percent of the cash it takes in over a period of time. At a land-based casino, that percentage might be between 94 percent and 96 percent.

That gives the house a much greater edge at land-based casinos, and another reason why online slots are overtaking traditional casino games.

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