Leading Online Bingo Games of 2017


Online bingo is one of the easiest and most rewarding forms of online gambling. I suppose it’s a little bit like playing a miniature lottery; you don’t really have to do much, but it’s really exciting to sit and wait as the numbers are called out. But, of course, when it comes to spending money on the internet, you’ve got to be sure that you’re completely safe and that the website you’re using is reliable. After all, there are a lot of scammers online and you don’t want to find yourself lining their pockets.

So here are a few quick reviews of the best online bingo games of 2017. But before you get into the world of online gambling, it’s worth checking out a few guidelines on gambling safety. No matter how good of an experience a business is offering, if you end up with a problem, it will be a 0/10 for you.

Heart Bingo

You’ve probably heard of Heart Radio and, as it turns out, they also do bingo! They’ve got a really nice, easy to navigate and well put together website, which is a definite plus in the bingo world. You get to the site and you click “Play Bingo” and you’ll be started right away. Plus, if you deposit £10, you’ll get that automatically put up to £50 – pretty great, huh? (That’s only a welcoming offer, by the way.) You can also play slots on their site, which is a nice bonus. Rating: 9/10

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo is pretty well known in online gambling circles. When you come to their site, you’ll see that it’s pretty basic – they want to make it as simple as possible for you to get right on with the bingo. They’ve got a pleasant welcoming offer too, if you spend £10 they make that £30, which is nice of them. Other than that, there’s not really very much to say about Gala Bingo. A pretty decent site. Rating: 7/10

Foxy Bingo

When you visit the Foxy Bingo site, you’ll see that it proudly proclaims itself as the “best UK bingo site” but does it live up to the boasts? Well, they’ve got a “spend £10 get £50” welcoming offer, which is appealing for those who want to get started. They’ve got a constant stream of updates from their most recent winners, which is quite a good way of building excitement! They’ve also got a “casino” section their site, for those who are looking for some extra games. Rating: 9/10

Paddy Power Bingo

Paddy Power is well known as a gambling site in general, but they’ve also got a highly regarded bingo option on their site. They also offer various welcome deals too, which should do a lot to make them an appealing choice for your bingo fun. There’s not really anything bad which can be said about them, since they offer a pretty great, standard service. Rating: 8/10

Bingo G

Finally, we come to Bingo G. Bingo G is another of those sites which offers all kinds of gambling games.. But does that necessarily mean that their bingo is up to scratch? Well, let us find out.The site may be a bit cluttered when compared to some of the others, but they’ve got lots of bingo games available to play, as well as information on all the latest prizes. Another nice, standard service which bingo fans will appreciate. You can also click here to find some good ongoing Bingo G deals. Rating: 8/10

So if you want to get into the online bingo scene, you know where to go. But, hey, if bingo isn’t the kind of gaming you’re interested in, why not take a look at some of the recent E3 coverage? That might be more to your tastes. However, online bingo can still be very appealing and a lot of people enjoy playing it. What do you think of online gambling?

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