Modern Video Games Featuring Gambling

Video games do not only serve as a good relief from stress, they also offer much fun especially when they feature gambling. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing them for free or for real cash, the conundrum of games imitating life means you can use most of the things you learn. Playing a free video game that features gambling doesn’t only end with the excitement. The skills you learn along the way can prove vital when you decide to play for real money. Having said that, here are some of the best modern video games with gambling. Enjoy!

Fall Out: New Vegas

New Vegas is one of the popular video games with gambling in a modern setting. It presents Las Vegas as an apocalyptic place with all the Casinos trying to jack money from everyone, especially you. You are allowed to choose between slots, roulette, and blackjack depending on your favourite. Cheating is allowed and in fact, your best tactics. Just try to get your Luck high and you can get away with anything. You could use any of the three currencies provided, although the standard is Caps. No doubt, this game will make you smarter.

Casino Inc

Want to run your own virtual casino in the 90’s? Then Casino Inc is the game to play. This modern video game will allow you formulate a strategy to run your own Casino and impress your customers. You will also get to employ your own staff and decide what the roles they play. It’s all about YOU, the boss. This classic is definitely one you should try out.

Dwarven Poker

This is another great video game built on a really good poker simulation. Unlike the other games in the list, Dwarven is ridiculously simple and that’s exactly what makes it a favourite for many. Winning is quite easy and so much fun. You can cart away with someone’s money today and still jack them again tomorrow. Perhaps, this is what makes it different from others. It feels like your opponents are just so rich that whatever you take from them doesn’t matter much to them. No doubt, one of the best free pokies mobile out there.

Hoyle Casino

Hoyle Casino is no doubt the best video gambling game we’ve seen from Hoyle, at least for now. It offers an awesome experience for all gamers who are fascinated with real life casinos. There are many fantastic games to choose from, almost the same thing with the ones you will find at a real life casino.

Far Cry 3

If you want to see what poker is like in video games, then you need to see this game. The only difference between Far Cry 3 and the poker you see in real life is the digital experience. It is quite similar to Fallout, except that it feels more immersive and you get to see your opponent. The impact and experience are just like we see in the movies. Win or lose, this game will leave you asking for more.

Feel free to try out these classics and join many who are already getting used to gambling away from the gaming floor. Enjoy!

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