Top Picks of Casino Games on Xbox and PlayStation

Online casino gaming websites are going on full throttle due to its comfortability and reach to the people. The browser-based online casino gaming was the dominant holders of virtual casino gaming until the casino games were made its way to Xbox and PS4 (Play Station). Both Xbox and PS4 games are reputed for its high-quality graphics and seamless gameplay. It is difficult for a user to find high standard casino games on these platforms. To help the player to settle down to a fine list of games we have created a line-up of games.

Prominence Poker:

Developed by 505 Games, Prominence Poker is one of the best poker game that the Xbox platform has to offer. The players are free to create their own avatars and use it to play the game. The 3D environment allows you to cherish the details of the game environment till your last chip.

In the initial stages, the game allows the user to play only single player mode with its Al and sooner after finishing the first few basic stages the players are open for competing against other players from all over the world.

In most of the games, the system controlled player lacks intelligent moves and often loses when the basic tricks are implied. But interestingly in prominence poker, the artificial player is hard to understand and defeat, making the game more fascinating.

Pure Hold’em:

Made by the developers of the Pure Pool, Pure Hold’em has delightful colour effects filled all over the screen. The graphics are also impressive as only the table is concentrated and free roam is not available.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots:

The Four Kings Casino and Slots gives an immersion of the virtual casino to the player and also has the ability to provide its players to create avatars. It serves as a one-stop casino offering many games under one roof. The players are free to choose and to play different casino games in a random order.

The sound effects are quite low-par and absent in some scenarios however in few places the sounds are very detailed such as the difference between the sound of the character walking on a carpet to a marble floor

However, the game lacks the virtual representation of the physical appearance of the player. The cards and chips are flipped and moved without any external controls. One of the required aspects of poker game is to see how other players make their move which directly measures how confident the player is. Pure Hold’em lacks this feature and balances it by providing stunning graphics and wonderful animations.


Though there are fewer casino games in Xbox and PS4 when compared to the sea of other casino games played in online, the games on the former platforms offer the player some features such as free roam, third person gameplay, player-view control and so on which have not yet reached the browser based casino games.

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