Microgaming signs licensing deal for horror classic Halloween

Microgaming signs licensing deal for horror classic Halloween, which is a fantastic business decision for them. Microgaming has always been good at predicting which subjects will tend to lend themselves very well to the online casino gaming format. A licensing deal with Compass International Pictures is going to cost them money, but they will almost certainly be able to get all of that money back very quickly with a game that is based on the movie Halloween.

This is a game that will probably bring in some more publicity for the movie itself, which is always positive. It is true that Halloween is a classic film that people have loved for decades by this point. However, it’s still an older film, and it’s important to introduce people to older films in a new way in order to really keep them fresh and modern and relevant. Online casino slot games are certainly fresh, modern, and relevant, and a lot of the fans of Halloween will appreciate that the game will manage to bring in a lot of new fans.

The fans for Halloween will still organize online and write fan fiction. They still enjoy discussing the series after all this time. This is a film that predates the Internet by a wide margin, but a lot of people are excited about it today. The movie Scream referenced Halloween repeatedly back in the 1990’s, and a lot of people started to discuss Halloween on the Internet during that era, which is when Internet fan discussions were new.

The Scream slasher movie series itself is extremely popular today. It helped to revive the slasher genre back in the 1990’s. Today, there is a television series based on the Scream movies. Many of the slasher movies of the middle and late twentieth century have managed to get a permanent place in pop culture, and people can partly thank the postmodern films like Scream for making that happen. The Halloween online casino slot game could help to keep the slasher genre going in a similar manner.

Even people who have never seen the film will probably be excited about it. They will look through a list of Platinum Play casino games and they will find something that makes them think of some of the most popular films that have ever been released. This is the sort of thing that will convince a lot of different people to take part, getting the game the press that Microgaming expects that it will earn.

Microgaming is committed to preserving many of the essential elements of the film Halloween. They are not just interested in using the name in order to attract fans and horror fans. They actually want to be able to give the film some sort of a new life in the form of an online casino slot game. Coming up with gaming music for a film like this is not going to be difficult, given the source material that they have to work with now. Coming up with graphics will be just as easy.

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