Everything You Wish to Know about Online Slots Bonuses

Slot machine games were first invented in the late 1890’s by Charles Fey, a US citizen who worked as a mechanic. In a bid to kill boredom and keep his customers entertained as they waited for their vehicles to get fixed, Charles thought that the machine would come in handy. It surely did come in handy and enjoyed instant success, not only in this shop but across the US.

International Success and Quick Progression

After growing popular with most of the Americans, slot machines spread quickly to other countries where they received remarkable success just as they did in the US, especially in the UK where they were nicknamed as the fruit machines. Since then, they’ve undergone quite a transformation to become more exciting and rewarding and as such become widely popular among players globally.

Below, we focus on the most important aspect of video slot games – the in-game bonuses!

Bonus events in slot machine games are where much of the interactive fun, creativity, and rewards of slot games focused. Unlike other popular casino promotions (you can check them at http://casinobonuspromotions.co.uk/), these events in any slot games are only limited by public acceptance and the developer’s imagination.

Some of the events are normally accepted very well with the bettors that slot developers introduce different twists and wrinkles just to get more and more players to join aboard the bonus trail. Some of the most notable and common events include the following.

The Wheel Spinning

In their classic form, the wheel spinning bonuses normally involve a mechanical wheel that is fixed at the top of the slot machine. This wheel is normally subdivided into different sections, with each containing different prize amounts.

Once you start playing, you’ll spin the reels, and if the bonus round shows up, you win a spin, which gives you the opportunity of spinning the wheel. The position that the wheel lands on will determine the amount of money or prize that you receive.

A good example of a slot game with the wheel spinning bonus is the classic Wheel of Fortune or modern Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist video slot. They first game has a progressive jackpot attached to the wheel spinning feature, while the other has remarkably rewarding Wild Bonuses attached to it.

Important Facts:

  • Wheel spinning in-game feature are awarded randomly due to the RNG software
  • Most developers use the virtual reel concept so that the top prize occurs less frequently

Pick ‘em Bonuses

Pick ‘em Bonuses are also forms, which are available mostly in video slot games. They come in two main forms mostly involving touching an icon on the screen to pick the credit or longer events where you’ll continuously pick a symbol until it comes to an end.

In most cases, the pick ‘em feature is referred to as the ‘gamble option’ and this is because they involve gambling your winnings in hope for better pay or return. The gamble option may come in the forms of a dice toss, a head or tail bonus game or a card game.

Regardless of the form it takes, the gamble option gives you a 50-50 chance of winning or losing. You’ll always win if you correctly predict the correct suit of the card that’s not shown; the correct flip of the coin or the correct outcome of the dice roll.

Important Pick ‘em Facts

  • This feature has been developed to make you an active participant in the game
  • Your choice greatly influences the outcome or amount you’ll receive

The Free Spins

They are undeniably the most popular and common forms of slot bonuses online. Literally, every software developing company will have the free spins round incorporated in their slot game. While there are plenty of companies out there offering games with free spins, none does free spins better than NetEnt. The company has a wide array of casino games, all featuring the free spins.

One important fact that makes the free spins widely incorporated in all video slot games is perhaps because they help in determining the volatility of the game. They are also likely to determine the number of wild and scatter symbols that any particular game will have.

Thanks to the free spins bonus rounds, slot games continue growing in popularity by the day as they continue making casual and high rollers rich by the day!

The Mystery and Skill Based Bonus Rounds

Unlike the other pre-mentioned offers, which require special sequences to be triggered, the mystery and skill based are randomly triggered and appear as a surprise during in-game. It was designed by John Acres, and they first made a big winner in 1997.

Due to the fact that they require skilled players for them to be triggered, they are not as popular as the other mentioned bonuses, and unskilled players won’t perform well in this game.

How to Claim the Casino Slot Bonuses?

Usually, the offers are immediately credited to your account once you have won them. Depending on the type of money that you were playing with, the winnings resulting from the bonuses can be withdrawn later if you were using free money to play the game, or immediately if you were playing with real money.

Free Money to Play and Win Slot Bonuses

There are different casino promotions online, but the best are welcome and free spins bonuses. While the welcome is standard across all online casinos, free spins are only exclusive to NetEnt Casinos.

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