Transforming your home into a gaming sanctuary

Although most sane people will probably want to make sure that their home is equipped with creature comforts like dishwashers and dining tables, all true gamers will know that homes should serve the function of providing the ultimate place for their gaming entertainment.

So whether you’re looking for the ideal decor for your next CS:GO session, or are trying to recreate the table games of Las Vegas in your living room, here’s what you need to include.

Comfort is everything to the hardcore gamer. And this is why getting a decent sofa as the centre-point to your gaming action is critical. Ideally your couch will be placed as close to your television screen as possible to make it all the more immersive.

And when it comes to screens, it’s obvious that bigger is definitely better. This is why most true gamers go for at least a 50-inch screen, but be sure that your screen isn’t too big that you miss any important action on a first-person shooter like Battlefield 1.

Many gamers often overlook how important sonics are to a gaming experience. But part of the thrill of playing horror titles like Resident Evil is the way that the audio really brings the action alive. So think about installing some decent speakers that have plenty of low end to ramp up the excitement.

Whilst the decor of the room can often be overlooked, getting the aesthetics of the room right are essential for making a gaming sanctuary that’s the envy of your friends or viewers. If you’re a frequent live streamer that backdrop is almost as important as your webcam.

Fans of comic book games like Arkham Knight should definitely cover the space with plenty of DC and Marvel posters. And if you’re looking to make your table games like poker and blackjack a bit more atmospheric, then it could be pretty funny to try and emulate the look of some of these top casino gaming destinations that have been profiled at the New Jersey Online Casinos blog.

And regardless of whether you’re playing online table games or first-person shooters, you’re going to need to ensure that connectivity isn’t an issue. So don’t rely on troublesome Wi-Fi for your gaming entertainment, and instead think about implementing a good Ethernet cable from your modem to your gaming location for interruption-free action.

So whilst our gaming rooms are unlikely to win any prizes on the interior design blogs, there’s no reason why our table games can’t get a little more awesome.

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