How gaming on mobile phones has evolved over the last 20 years

Mobile phone technology has made significant improvements over the past 20 years. While they were initially released in 1973, mobile phones didn’t take off until later on when the technology making them had improved and had much more portable size. Today’s mobile phones are used not only for making phones but a myriad of other purposes including gaming. In fact, today more people opt for their mobile phone as their primary gaming device. Just how did technology evolve to get to where we are today?

The first games designed for mobile phones were made by Nokia to be included on their Symbian Operating System. One of these was Pong which was much like table tennis with a ball beginning moved back and forth on the screen. Snake was the other game that could be played on Nokia phones. Like Pong, Snake was also simplistic and was a moving line that increased in size as players moved it across the screen without colliding into any obstacles. These games, along with many others, were controlled using the phone keypad resulting in limited control and it wasn’t quite the gaming experience like your handheld or home consoles. Nokia tried to tackle this problem and introduced their N-Gage which was the first mobile phone merged with a gaming console with d-pad present on the handset and games uploaded on a SD-Card. Unfortunately, the concept was ahead of its time and didn’t quite take off.

Later, the new class of phones now known as smartphones had much more possibilities in terms of use. With improved internet access and by replacing physical keypad with a touch screen, these devices could support gaming much better than previous models. It made gaming much easier to do as various form of controls could be achieved via touch screen and by accessing online app stores, users can find countless numbers of games/apps to try out. Gambling could now be done on these phones with the introduction of mobile casinos. To help enhance playing mobile games, there are many accessories on the market including wireless controllers or VR headset for example.

The evolution of gaming has been rather significant causing many improvements to the practice. The future is exciting with so much development occurring within the technology of these devices.

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