Top 5 Casino Games found in Super Mario Titles

Picture Poker:

Picture Poker is one of the mini games available inside the game Super Mario 64 DS and in New Super Mario Bros. The numbers in the card are replaced with Mario characters. In this card game, the player bets five cards against the Luigi (the Mario character) with coins. After the bet is made the player has the option to change some of the cards or to swap all the cards. Luigi also has the same conditions as the player in swapping the cards. However, the cards replaced will of random from the deck with known cards in hands. Both the hands are then revealed and then the coins are transferred from the higher hand to the lower hand. The number of coins to be transferred depends on both the rank and the type of bet made.

Slot machines:

There are many Mario-themed virtual slots machine, right from the start of the virtual slot machines from 8-bit versions. The initial version of the Mario slot game sported only one reel and later multiple line versions were raised. Shortly after, with the rise of technology the Mario themes mobile slots burst into many numbers of versions.

Mario revives the golden moments where once upon a time Mario was unarguably the best video game in the gaming world. Even though many other better games are developed, Mario holds a special spotlight in our minds. Developers considering its nostalgic value are making many versions of the game on various platforms.

Mushroom Roulette:

Mushroom Roulette is similar to a classic Roulette except the fact that the numbers on the red and black tiles are replaced with Mario icons. The dealer here is also Luigi and the player is given ten coins at the start. The player needs to bet a maximum of five coins on the cards. The cards here are also same as the classic Roulette cards except, here the icons are replaced with Mario world icons.


Luigi-Jack is the same as a normal Blackjack and here the player is given with 30 gold coins to start with. The main win rule of the game is to get the points as close as possible to 21 than the opponent and sadly only two players can play this game. The gold coins are then transferred based on whose points is closer is to 21.

Luigi’s Thrilling Cards:

Casino war was customised to fit the Mario theme, was loaded as a mini game into some versions of the Super Mario Bros and was named as Luigi’s Thrilling Cards. This card game is available to play only in versus mode. It is probably the basic of all the casino games as the player is dealt with a card down and needs to make a bet based on intuition. The option to rise and fold is also available for the players to choose.

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