Top 5 Ways to Be a Better Gambler

Whether you’re drawn in by the comforts of home and a few online casino games, or find yourself venturing out into the world for the bricks-and-mortar experience, gambling can be a fun but ultimately costly experience. For those of us that like taking risks, it can be a dangerous game to play, but there are always ways to be a better, more fruitful gambler. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together the top five ways to do just that.

Organise your budget

Being a better gambler ultimately starts with your bank account, and is possibly the most important and effective way of getting there. Having a steady, realistic budget can make the difference between a fun night gambling and a bad one, and it’s so easy to avoid going over budget. Set yourself limits. Work out what money you need for living costs and expenses over the month, then give yourself an amount you can gamble with. Once you reach that money limit – if you don’t win anything of course! – stop. Use an app like You Need a Budget to easily keep track of what you’ve used and what you still have to spend.

Set a win goal

Setting a win goal can help you become a better gambler by not only giving you something to work towards, but it can also prevent you from losing your winnings by going a step too far. But be realistic with your goals. If you’re playing the slots, don’t set your goal to be the jackpot. If you’re playing poker, don’t set your goal as being ridiculously high if you know you have a terrible poker face. It comes down to common sense and knowledge of your own abilities when you set your goals, but make sure you stick to them.

Don’t drink while you gamble

Drinking while gambling is the downfall of many a player. While there is no harm in drinking and having fun, it can be worth working out whether or not gambling while you’re drinking is necessarily a good idea. Like with any decisions, alcohol can make you more likely to take bigger risks in gambling, and it can be the difference between winning and losing a large amount of money. If you truly want to drink while you’re playing, consider only taking a set amount of money with you and keeping your wallet and credit card out of reach. Set yourself parameters and work out ways to make a drunker version of yourself stick to them.

Practice before you play

Practicing before you play any games that involve gambling can ultimately save you a lot of money. Rather than go in first time with limited knowledge of the game, you can use sites like Ladbrokes Casino or Coral Casino to practice games before you play for real, whether that be in a casino or online in a live game. Knowing your skill level in a game can help you calculate what is worth betting when it comes to playing it.

Play the right games

One vital thing you need to do before you gamble is investigate what the house edge is for the games that you want to play. A ‘house edge’ is the percentage advantage that a casino has over you in respect to the games that they offer, and can make the difference between you making money in the long term or not. Poker, and sports and horse betting are the best ways to gamble while avoiding the house edge as much as possible. With strategy and skill, both options can pull in money, though it’s not easy, and even professionals and experienced gamblers won’t win a lot of money when it comes to betting.

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