10 of the most anticipated and desired titles for Xbox One X

So far, the year 2017 has proven to be an extremely important chapter in the evolution of the video game industry. Each major video game developer has released long awaited and impressively advanced titles, among which some have taken even the most hard to impress fans and gamers by surprise. Nevertheless there are many online sport betting games that you can play for free or for real money, with the Fall Season just around the corner, and a whole new batch of outstanding video games and products about to kick in, gamers all over the world are literally sitting on the edge of their seats. It appears that the last quarter of 2017 will bring along several truly important game changers that will shape the future of the entire gaming universe.

Xbox One X

For starters, the actual release of the most powerful gaming console in the world is bound to happen any time now. The new Xbox One X, formerly known as The Project Scorpio and already available for pre-order worldwide, will raise the video quality bar considerably higher, through the first 4K output for a gaming console.

Along with an eight-core processor at 2.3GHz and a GPU composed of 40 compute units and running at an incredible 1172MHz, Xbox One X seems to be the first step towards a new era of graphics and motion enhancement. Anticipating this, all major video game studios have already begun developing new and improved games, ready to meet the new performance capacities of this console.

The list of games to be released for Xbox in the remainder of 2017 is quite a long and impressive one, but the current article will address 10 of the most anticipated and desired titles.

10. Ashen

Back in 2015, after the powerful impact of its first incarnation, Ashen quickly became a major point of interest in the gaming world. Despite this, there have been no further updates or info until now. This stunning action RPG has been confirmed for the last part of 2017, while an exact date of release hasn’t been made public yet. Set in a harsh world filled with deadly beasts and dungeons, Ashen will have players fighting for survival and constantly seeking a new place to rebuild their community.

09.Destiny 2

Bungie announced the release of the second Destiny installment, promising fans a much more coherent storyline and considerably more focus on the narrative of the game. Set to be released on September 8, the events from the first game continue in Destiny 2, down to the point where the last human cities are down to ruins. Players will have to lead the fight against the alien forces that have occupied the solar system.

08.Middle-earth:  Shadow of War

The great success reported by the first Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor game has made the second installment of the series one of the most anticipated sequels of 2017. Middle-earth: Shadow of War will continue and develop the premises created so far, aiming to create and expand an entire fantasy universe.

07.Call of Duty: WW2

Activision has learned a great deal from the extremely poor impact of its previous release, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. As a result, the new Call of Duty: WW2 will bring back the initial down-to-earth gameplay from the first parts of the series. Set to be released on November 3, the new CoD might also introduce new modes for zombies and remove the health regenerating ability. So far, Call of Duty: WW2 seems to have all the right elements to bring the cult classic franchise back to the spotlight.

06.Forza Motorsport 7

Without an actual release date confirmed so far, Microsoft’s most awaited racing simulator is rumored to be launched in the fall of 2017. Specifically designed for the upcoming Xbox One X console, Forza Motor 7 will most likely enter the race for the best racing simulator right from the release and with some serious chances for the title.

05.Red Dead Redemption 2

The second installment of the Red Dead Redemption series was initially set to be released by the end of 2017. Right from the beginning, Rockstar Games have kept the project wrapped in mystery, providing the media and fans with very little info. Recently, the release date has been postponed until the spring of 2018, yet, like all previous Rockstar games, it will most likely be worth the wait.

04.Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 will be released by the end of 2017 and it promises to take the tech development for video games to a completely new level. This next Xbox Play Anywhere release guarantees revolutionary in-game physics through which players will end up reshaping an entire city with one spectacular and highly realistic demolition.


Initially revealed in 2013, Below has to be one of the most delayed releases from Xbox. The game has quickly drawn the attention and interest of fans through the classic RPG action style, mesmerizing graphics, and high difficulty rogue gameplay.  After being postponed for the second time in 2016, chances are that this long awaited new release from Capybara Games will hit the shells towards the end of 2017.

02.Sea of Thieves

Set to be released this year, along with the Xbox One X console, Sea of Thieves promises to deliver an entire pirate connected-world universe planned and elaborated in extremely sharp details. Several pirate crews, which can be formed by a maximum of four players, will have to work side by side in order to upgrade their pirate ships, get their hands on vast quantities of pirate gold, and fight terrifying sea creatures. The online sport games will bring multiplayer gameplay chaos and dynamic adventures back to the pirate seas, up to the point where players might end up having to attack and sink other players’ ships.

01.State of Decay 2

After the successful impact of the first State of Decay game which ran on Xbox 360 Arcade at the time, the second part of the series, set to launch by the end of 2017, has quickly become one of the most exclusive and acclaimed titles for the upcoming Xbox One X console. The action continues in the midst of a gruesome on-going zombie apocalypse, where players will have to learn how to build bases and manage a community, scavenge food and resources, and fight ravaging groups of mindless undead creatures. State of Decay 2 will also introduce a four-player cooperation mode and promises to have an ultimate goal of huge proportions.

The Future of Xbox Gaming

Among several other honorable mentions, the 10 titles listed above contain some the most innovative and revolutionary technical and visual features in the entire gaming industry up to this point. Most of them will air at the same time or very close to the Xbox One X console and will determine the new standards of advanced video graphics and quality. At the same time, technology continues to advance incredibly fast and at this pace, very little time will have passed until even more futuristic levels are reached. Gamers worldwide can only hope and wonder how much better video games can actually get.

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