New infographic reveals the gaming habits of the US

It has been said that the UK and the US have something of a special relationship, politically and culturally. When it comes to the music we listen to, the films, we watch and the games we play, our two countries share a common bond.

But the US has a habit of taking things…too far. Whilst many of us in the UK are happy to consumer media at a reasonable rate, America likes everything bigger! And it turns out this trend continues for their love of gaming as well.

A new survey from online hosting providers Westhost has revealed that 15% of Americans spent more than 16 hours a week playing video games, with almost 19% spending more than $50 a month on their habit.

A new infographic has been created which features these statistics, plus more eye opening revelations. You can take a look at the full infographic below!

Gaming Habits of America

Provided by WestHost

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