Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Gambling

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Gambling & Where to Find the Best Betting Apps

I bet everyone has played Candy Crush on their mobile at least once and many of you probably have it already installed. Similar to these addictive game apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, mobile gambling games have found its way to the heart of the busy bettor, as they offer the same betting experience as online sites, but with one important difference – they fit in a pocket allowing us to bet at any given time. In the UK, mobile betting also received a considerable boost even from the UK Gambling Commission, which expressed approval of licensed mobile casino games, provided by the App Store and Google Play. This said, regulations on mobile gambling vary from country to country, but the industry continues to grow at an unprecedented speed, as the millennial generation makes a considerable share of the mobile betting market. Moreover, now almost every established betting site offers its own app and other casino apps also feature in-app purchases, making the experience more realistic. This said, there’s still room for improvement when it comes to the popularity of mobile gambling. This is due to the fact that despite all the information online, most gamblers don’t know how to download and install applications for mobile gambling, although there is nothing hard about it.

What Makes Mobile Gambling So Much Fun?
It’s not just the fact that we can bet anywhere anytime. The greatest perk of mobile gambling is certainly the sense of community and the social aspect of the games, as we’re no longer alone zoned in our devices. On the contrary, live bet options in most mobile gambling apps allow for this interaction to happen. In a sudden, gambling has become similar to the experience of betting on Amazon and eBay actions, which many of you check regularly on your phones. You simply can’t allow yourself to miss the results, just because you’re not in front of your PC. Not everything is rosy in the mobile betting world though. Many apps are slow to load and lag behind to show the results on time. This surely can be off-putting for many of you, but if you’re determined to master the best mobile gambling apps, check out all you need to know beforehand.

How to Choose the Best Betting Apps?
Mobile gambling apps have quickly become more popular with British bettors, as most apps offer gambling advice and game rules in the app, which makes it a handy option to get you started straight away. User experience and satisfaction is the decisive factor if an app is here to stay or not. Thus, the best gambling apps feature regular pop-up bonuses and best offers, making it easier to claim while still in the game. However, bear in mind that not all gambling games on mobile offer bets for real money prizes. Make sure you read the review of the app and the comments section. If it’s still unclear, simply pose the question and be sure to check for a relevant answer. Another important aspect to consider is the loading time of the app. If it takes more than 3 minutes to display the game, just move on. Our recommendation is to google real money gambling apps or simply to stick with the app provided by your online casino or sportsbook of choice, as these will definitely make sure to provide a quick, seamless link between your online account and mobile device. Related to the experience you’d get from playing on mobile is the importance of the graphics of the game and whether it allows you to play multiple in-app games. Other important features to consider are the operating systems supported on the app and other perks such as live streaming and bonus structures. Oddly enough, Google Play doesn’t allow real money gambling apps on its store, which is indeed frustrating. This brings us to our last point on the matter of the how to find the best betting apps. It is imperative to pay attention to the software developer and make sure that you choose those games made by internationally renowned providers, as these are most certainly equipped with a better gambling environment. It might take a little bit of digging, but it’s worth to know that your mobile casino has entered a licensing agreement to provide fairer games to everybody. If you are still in the dark, BestBettingApplications.co.uk stores a generous, regularly updated list of the top mobile applications out there. Additionally, if you’re a complete novice in the gambling world, you might like to check betting tips apps. Once you’re done with your research, simply download, install and open your favourite app. Don’t forget that now you can even QR code it!

Top Tips to Become a Pro Mobile Gambler
Presuming that you’ve already selected your mobile betting provider, follow these simple guidelines any time you gamble on your mobile for real money.

Keep track of your bankroll
Always have your bankroll visible and keep track of the time spent in the app. It is a good idea, to determine your bankroll beforehand and to facture in any other costs, such as entry fees for the apps you’ve installed. These are usually around £5.

Try Out Different Casinos
Don’t stick to one app for too long. Try out different options and compare your experience. This is also a tactic to avoid mobile fatigue and keep your interest in the game alive.

Choose Games Where You’re Certain to Win
When playing on mobile, finding the games with fewer online users is a better strategy, unless you’re playing bingo. Be certain to know inside out the rules of the games you choose.

Use A Smartphone with a Bigger Screen
Bigger screens provide better graphics and image experience. Also, if you’re playing mobile poker, you’d be sure not to make a mistake, as your screen is too small and doesn’t respond correctly to your thumb.

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