Gambling for Video Game Addicts

What are the Similarities and How to Take Advantage of Your Gaming Skills?

Since the UK Gambling Commission’s prosecuted two FIFA YouTube streamers for charges of instigating teenagers to gamble last fall, the relationship between gambling and video games has become more of a salient topic, with preachers from both sides of the debate. The gambling industry has always been quick to adopt the latest technology and to adapt to the developments of the virtual world. It can be argued that video games offer a new undiscovered market that will make for just a fraction of gambling’s profits, but it’s worth probing into. Further, there is something that video games and gambling sites have in common, as there are some of latest licensed UK bookmakers who achieved success by developing unique gaming features. However, there’s more to the story than just a simple technological affinity. Video and gambling games have one and the same goal – to provide the ultimate experience and get you hooked! Other than this, there’s an array of similarities which the clever video game player can use to their advantage. Let’s find out!

How to Make Use of In-Game Gambling?
The greatest similarity can undoubtedly be found in those games featuring gambling. This most often is skilled-based gambling, such as poker, where the game’s storyline helps to recreate the real feel of an old school, underground poker hall. In a similar manner to betting sites’ bonuses that help you manage your bankroll, other video games offer small game sessions of poker that allow you to mount up a level faster or move to a higher stake, as in Hold’Em. Of course, there isn’t a monetary prize, but what these games offer is the opportunity to quickly build up your real life gambling skills, without the need to spend hours reading poker strategy websites. I’m sure the game pros already think in a different way about Fallout New Vegas, but there are other good games with a realistic storyline to get you all set to hit the betting sites. Check, for example, The Witcher; Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and Watchdogs. Apart from these more obvious options to test your gaming strategies in real money situations, there are other new features that make gaming and betting so alike. Let’s have a look.

New Gambling Technological Features & Skilled-Based Slots
Opponents to gambling often claim that video games have undergone a period of gamblification as the games market share increases progressively not only by the sale of new games but also new in-game objects. However, is it not the case that the gambling industry has been utterly changed by the advent of technology and video games? To compete in this ever-growing online betting market, online slot sites and casinos have taken innovation to the heart of their business. Similar to many video games, these betting sites focus on providing the most realistic experience, featuring live casino games and taking over fields previously reserved for games, such as mobile applications and immersive 3D graphics. It seems that the age of the ordinary slot symbols rolling over the screen is over, as these betting providers focus on weaving TV and video game characters in their very own onsite software, making storytelling and user experience the centrepiece of this innovative experience. This is certainly not the domain solely of video games anymore. Similar to the gaming industry, sportsbooks now have to respond to license laws, negative reviews and unofficial competitive sites. This is why product innovation is at its peak providing for this huge diversification of live betting options. The changing habits of the generations have pushed gambling sites to also adopt a very similar content to video games, making betting as accessible as gaming at home. Another similarity with video games that makes betting so appealing is the social aspect of the games offered in many if not all poker rooms online. Successful gambling sites on also make a good use of big data and onsite analytics to determine the gaming patterns of their most regular players. Is this not enough of a proof that sport site operators now have to quickly become IT wizards if they want to stay ahead of the curve? Video game developers were first to spot these similarities and many, such as GameCo earlier this month, offered to bring new skill-based gaming slots in the offsite casinos in Las Vegas. We’re clearly long past the time when video game penetration in the market was just a thought. Several days ago, the SPOBIS Gaming and Media summit considered the possible convergence of Esports and real sports , opening the door for yet many more betting opportunities to come. This is why professional gamers should keep up-to-date with this particular market to profit well by applying your already acquired skills in the newest gambling games to come. Even if countries like the UK might have tougher restrictions on gambling sites, these betting operators will make sure to acquire the right licenses. So, VR and AR betting experience is indeed something to anticipate in the near future.

The Convergence of Gaming and Gambling
Apart from obvious similarities, such as the fact that video games have created a similar to gambling world of pre-order enthusiasts and in-game skin auctioneers, video games also teach players the skills of patience and strategy of risk-taking and balancing your chances to win. The skilled gamers among you can use this knowledge to their advantage. Similarly to gaming, in the competitive environment of betting, the winners are most often those of us who make informed choices that prompt their actions and bring them better results in terms of higher stakes and larger bankroll. The sole most important thing in common between gaming and gambling remains the fact that both rely heavily on the players’ psychology and the moment of excitement to retain their most devoted fans. This is useful information if you can remain cool-headed and head over to the best betting sites to test your gaming skills.

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