5 Famous works turned into gambling games

There is a new trend on PayPal casinos that is taking the world by storm. It draws more people to sign up for the games and also keeps them playing for as long as possible. It all began with the shift in marketing dynamics that placed the client at the very center. Initially, slots were developed from the manufacturers’ perspective. Now, the companies are looking and designing from the customer’s’ viewpoint. The philosophy is that if you want to retain more people, then give them what they need. That is the reason for the games adapted from famous works.

These games are themed after popular books and films. The primary reason causing this move is to make them resonate with a larger but more accurate audience. Movie themed machines will capture the attention of lovers of the particular film. Avid book readers can also be entertained by games developed from their favorite books.

  1. Batman

The superhero has gained fame across the entire globe. From his humble beginnings in Gotham city, he has risen to astounding fame for his efforts against crime. The crime busting star is a creation of comic books. However, he has since featured in films and movies with different storylines, but his ambition remains the same. That is to rid the city of all the villains. Because of his familiarity with many people, the Batman game has been developed and named after him.

Nothing is lost regarding the thrill from the comics to the slot. The hero retains his status even in the game. Most of his time is passed in the dark alleys tracking down criminals and bringing them to justice. So, while you can enjoy the captivating comics and get entangled in the darkness, the slot will keep you even more entertained. That is because you can win big cash outs for choosing to join your favorite hero.

  1. Game of Thrones

Anytime you mention TV shows, the Game of Thrones could never miss on the list. No wonder slot developers were quick to make a gaming adaptation of the show. The origin of it, however, goes way back to the books. As the books became popular and reached across the whole world, motion picture directors were drawn to them. So, they made TV shows from them to reach out to their enthusiasts. Eventually, casino software designers caught wind of the trend and joined the bandwagon.

While you can still follow-up the story from your TV set, Microgaming has ensured you can do the same from your casino. Their slot is superbly done to maintain the high levels of entertainment. The ultimate desire is to attain the iron throne. However, the competition is stiff because many are battling it out for the same reward.

  1. Star Trek

The journey into the realm of science fiction finds no better illustration than through Star Trek. As Captain James Kirk and his team transverse the cosmos, you are bound to stay glued to them through every one of their discoveries. IGT has done some good work to carry all the fun in one package into the gambling realm. Their slot also featured with the same name as the show, is sure to keep you engaged.

First, your favorite characters are featured in all their strength and flaws. Then, soundtracks from the series are included to bring you home to the ship and its adventures. Lastly, the payouts are ones you may want to discover for yourself. Thus, take the journey together with the skilled crew.

  1. Iron Man

No one combines action and fiction in a beautiful mixture as the Iron Man does. The man drenched in a suit designed with all kind of artillery brings new dimensions to strength and aggressiveness. Amid fears that the movie adaptation would flop compared to the comics, the production went ahead to rise in ranks. The Playtech Company saw the opportunity to make a great game to compliment the character’s popularity. Thus came the Iron man slot.

The 20 pay line design equipped with exploding wilds has become a favorite for many Iron man casino fans. The super hero will award you many hefty packages. Moreover, the base play is in itself one way to win big.

  1. The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland

Alice falls through a hole into a new world she never imagined could exist. The new sphere offers very intriguing discoveries that keep you perched on the edge of your seat. She meets different other unique characters down in the supposed rabbit hole. The book depicts her adventures in the new fictitious universe she finds herself in.

The gambling game made in respect of the book transforms the written text into an altogether new experience. It feels like you have been caught in the hole together with Alice. The experience feels as real as real could be, making it quite memorable.

Regardless of what intrigues you most, the gambling games will have something to your taste. As described above, themes can be borrowed from comics to movies and even to TV shows. Nothing is impossible to the dedicated slot developers out there. It is their mission to satisfy the client, and they do it to the best of their ability. Thus, you will always find several quality games designed to be right just for you. Choose the theme you love and jump right in.

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