Virtual Sports to Bet On

Betting is the most skilful way of making money. With enough knowledge and skills, it is easy to make enough winning choices with time and you will profit a lot in the end. Virtual sports operators take the action seen in live sports and recreate it in a video game environment and give bettors the chance to bet on the outcomes.

Every bookmaker that provides virtual sports betting offers a number of sports. A bettor basically needs to choose a sport after which he will be given the betting options on the following event. Every event is shown as a video footage and matches run after every few minutes. Bettors can place a variety of bets including in-play, accumulator and pre-event bets.

Examples of virtual games that you can bet on


A video footage of football comes with live backgrounds and it is conveyed in 4K HD to improve the realistic feel.

You will find it difficult to choose in the range bets with thirty options for varying specialities or propositions types.

It is quick with matches for several minutes and it also has a professional commentary.

Bottom line, virtual football does not match the real football however if you want some fast action where there is no actual game, it is an interesting alternative.


Commentaries of various languages are available and virtual tennis enthusiasts can bet on matches involving the players they love.

Virtual tennis graphics are created from a live footage of the game’s leading players filmed over a number of weeks.

The matches get played out on several courts creating virtual sports betting chances that make the most of the virtual environments.


Darts virtual matches are combined with a combination of computer generated player images and real-world video.

With several bets, a person can enter the thick of the darts action like he was at the championship event. The matches last for two minutes.


Each virtual cricket match is between 2 teams that play a super over of six balls for each side and each of them lasts 2 minutes.

The team with the highest number of runs is the winner. There exist almost nine types of prepositions bet for each match.

Horse racing

This is the oldest type of virtual sports bet. All known types of races are covered and a bettor can bet on races at varying distances and on varying ground conditions.

Horses of class, courses and ground conditions all play a crucial part in the outcome. This sport is the most exciting one and it bridges the gap between actual life races.


There is nothing real in virtual games. Everything is created using software and the outcomes are also established by the same software and not any skill of the participant. Also, there are many other virtual sports that you can bet on. They include sports such as cycling, basketball, speedway, trotting, stock car racing and greyhound racing.

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