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Despite not being fully developed; Happy Dungeons contains enough content to invest your precious hours into without feeling like you’re playing too much of a remake.

After the success of it’s predecessor, Happy Wars, I was pleased to see another similar title in the making and even happier to see a distinction from the previous game. Now there is a game of competitive multiplayer, and a game for co-operative multiplayer. Happy Dungeons strongly advises playing through the game with a team of friends but you can search for a team of public players too if you’d prefer. Once your team is assembled, you make your way through a variety of dungeons smashing your way through enemies and acquiring loot which can then be used to improve your character.

There is a story, but it’s not a strong story. But then again, I’d be very surprised if people were picking up this title for the story. You begin by falling from the sky after being knocked off one of the flying maps from Happy Wars and land on some sort of island. You are then revived by a princess who is shortly captured and taken away by some sort of boss. It is your job to then go after the princess to secure her safety. Don’t worry though, you’re not dressed as an Italian plumber.

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The main strengths of this game I found however came with the gameplay. This is a very similar system to the Happy Wars gameplay. You’ve got your warrior, mage and cleric who you can choose to play as from the start. This means if you want to specify in getting a really strong cleric for example, you can. Or if you prefer to mix and match throughout the game then that is possible too. Either way, it’s probably best that you have a mix when it comes to forming a team so it’s easier to work effectively and when it all comes together it’s a really good feeling of accomplishment.

This is also where the customisation is great. For each play styles there are a variety of different abilities that can be chosen. You can choose which skills go where and which ones you want to use to really bring out the best in your character in relation to how you want to play. Not only this, but there is also a load of different items to collect to customise your appearance, again adding to the uniqueness of your character. You can unlock these by purchasing them with collected coins or there is a chance based system where you can unlock items through the use of cards. Basically, you can buy a pack of cards and the more money you spend on the cards, the more chance you have of unlocking something rare. Other than that is random what you get. A lot of games are using this system at the moment and personally I like it because it means I don’t have to constantly grind currency to save up for the specific item.

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I think what is key about this game is that it’s not particularly new and innovating but it is enjoyable. It’s simply a fun game that can be played with friends both with split screen and online giving it that community feel alongside it’s simple team based mechanics. It can easily be picked up and played by someone who hasn’t played before and everyone can still get a good time out of it.

For that reason, I cannot find a way to say it’s a particularly poor game. Everything works well, and you can certainly invest a number of hours into it. It offers a good enough distinction from the previous game to make it great in it’s own right and the co-operative features work just as well as the previous competitive ones. And what’s more, it’s free! So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go and try it.

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