The 10 Most Common Misunderstandings Related to Slot Games


Slot games have long dominated the gambling scene as the most popularly enjoyed games in both online and brick and mortar casinos. Because they are so easy to play and their existence since the eighteenth century has contributed greatly to their dominance in the entertainment business. The games have seen numerous advancements in the recent years, and online gaming software providers are working round the clock to keep gamblers entertained with new slots and offers such as the 888 casino bonus.

However, as it is with most things that have managed to become so popular among millions of people across the globe, numerous myths surround their existence and how they are played. These misconceptions may affect one’s perspective towards slot machine games and how they play them. In this article, we will point out some of the common myths put forth about slot games and the truth behind them:

Myths about Slot Games


  1. The spin outcomes can be predicted

Even though slot machines come in different designs and themes, the one thing they have in common is the fact that they are completely random. A random number generator produces the results that are showcased on slot machines. This program produces thousands of codes every second, and it would be impossible to tell which code will appear at which exact moment.

However, some people state that a specific appearance of icons on the reels can be used to tell when the next win will be. This is not true, and the result of one spin does not affect what will appear on the next. Not even the casino can tell when wins will hit and when they won’t.

  1. Casinos manipulate the outcome of slot machines

This is among one of the most widespread misconceptions among slot enthusiast. Most people assume that the gambling institution providing the various slots a player chooses to play can access the random number generators. That way, they can manipulate when a specific slot machine gives out wins and when it goes cold. It is also said that they can schedule when the jackpot will be hit.

However, neither the gamblers nor the casinos can gain access to the RNGs and manipulate the codes that they produce. The only people who can access the random number generators are the gaming software developers that wrote the programs running their slots. Additionally, these machines are regularly vetted by gambling commissions such as the UK Gambling Commission to ensure that they are not interfered with to be biased in favor of the casino.

Additionally, slots are negative expectation games. This means that the casino is bound to always come out with the upper hand in the long run. Therefore, it would make no sense for casinos to flip a switch and make some machines money pit when the edge is on their side.

  1. Slots payout at a specific time

This misconception states that slot machines have first to be fed a certain amount of money before they can start hitting winning combinations. Therefore, some gamblers lurk in casinos to see which machines have been played at most before trying their hand at them. This gives them a better chance of hitting the jackpot. However, slot machines are programmed to be entirely random, and a jackpot combination could appear once in every ten thousand spins.

  1. Slots provide a sure winning opportunity

Some myths state that slot machines can pay out more than any other casino game. However, this is not true since slot machines are negative expectation games. They offer the worst odds among all casino games. Slots gameplay is purely based on luck and luck alone.

  1. Slot loyalty schemes are meaningless

Loyalty and VIP programs are put in place to reward gamers that visit a gambling destination on the regular. They are popularly dubbed loyalty or VIP schemes. However, some gamers perceive casino bonuses and promotions as a way to cheat them out of their money.

This is far from the truth. The slot loyalty programs are put in place by casinos to reward clients who bring back business to them regularly. These schemes are considered the best way to save some cash over all other promotional offers.

  1. Slot games are outdated

It is true that slot games are among the oldest games in the gambling business. However, these do not make them outdated. Slot machines have managed to remain at the top of the gaming pyramid due to the numerous advancements that are made time and again to keep them as appealing as possible. Therefore, slots are one of the most up to date games one will find in the market.

  1. Slots are repetitive and dull

Slot machines follow the same basic gameplay: place you wager and spin the reels. However, this does not make them dull. These games are developed with thousands of themes. Therefore, one is certain to find something that appeals to their style. Additionally, different slots feature different features such as gamble features, pick me bonuses, and bonus rounds that add an exciting touch to them.

  1. Always bet max

Even though betting the maximum possible wager on all available win lines gives players a chance at big wins, it does not change the odds of the game. Therefore, going for the Bet Max option will only deplete your account faster.

  1. Play progressive slots

Progressive slots have among the largest jackpots in casinos. However, this factor makes them have some of the worst odds. Therefore, striking a jackpot win will be much harder when playing them than it will be in fixed jackpots.

  1. Casino staff can hint loose slots

This myth is linked to land-based casinos. However, gamblers should understand that under no circumstances will casino staff direct you to slot machines that are likely to pay out.

Slot games offer a lot of fun to gamblers who indulge in them. However, paying attention to the various misconceptions related to the games may end up ruining your experience. Therefore, be keen on the above facts to stay on the right side of things.

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