Max: The Curse of Brotherhood comes to PS4 next month

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is launching on the PlayStation 4! It’ll be available digitally from 8th November, and retail just days later on 10th November.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is a cinematic fairy-tale adventure, perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Although we founded Flashbulb Games in 2016, the story of Max and his magic marker, actually dates back to 2010. Even back then, we had clear goals and targets of how and where we wanted to tell the story of Max.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Max started out as a mobile game: players had to draw objects into the game world to help Max navigate as he tries to stop a monster he had inevitably created. We embraced physics to unleash players’ creativity, whilst adopting an art style that was polished and colourful.

The mobile game was great, and in 2012 we started building a console game around the world of Max. We wanted a game that families could play, that was vibrant and almost movie-like.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

We started designing innovative puzzles that made the world unique, but at their core offered fun gameplay challenges.

Max is a story, an adventure: it offers classic platforming action alongside these physics-based puzzles.

To be clear, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood is not a port, it’s not a mobile game. Brotherhood was created for console, built from the ground up, using nothing from the mobile game but the inspirational and original core values of what we wanted to achieve. Side by side, if it wasn’t for Max’s bold red hair, you wouldn’t know they are part of the same family.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Being on console was an eye opener. The restrictions of mobile were lifted and we were able to utilise new technology that allowed us to create a game not possible on any other format. It’s a sequel to the original story, but built with a completely new way of continuing that tale.

We had a lot of fun making the game, trying out the mechanics and thinking of what the right experience should be for the gamer.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Since announcing Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was coming to PlayStation 4, we’ve taken the game to shows and seen a new generation explore the world! We’ve been living in Max’s world for seven years now and have loved seeing the reactions of families, mums and dads watching their children play, and interject with (often wrong) ideas – it’s been brilliant!

Max, accompanied by his trusty magic marker, will be arriving from the 8th digitally, and on November 10th at retail. We have a great new trailer that you can watch above that we are sharing with you first; we hope you enjoy.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

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