South Park: The Fractured But Whole Review

South Park: The Fractured but Whole is the funniest roleplaying game that you will play this season. It isfilled with jokes that will have you in a laughing fit.This game looks exactly like the show that came a long time ago. But you will notice its animation style to be brilliant, its writing quality flawless and the voice acting very authentic. Although most of the things look similar to what we already saw in The Stick of Truth, still there are many things to make it stand out. It is more focused on the parodying of the superhero movie franchise.

South Park: The Fractured but Whole starts a little slowly, with your custom made character and the boys from The Stick of Truth transitioning into super-heroes. You seek a particular cat for which you could be rewarded with $100. For that, you assemble your team of superheroes like Coon and Friends. And also build a social following on Coonstagram, which is necessary for the successful completion of your venture.

The game has done a very good job in the imitation of the original show. Presentation was absolutely perfect. The game has worked so well on the minor details that it perfectly mirrors the original show. There is a feeling of pure authenticity about the game. As it proceeds, you experience a huge feeling of nostalgia, because you bump into almost all the characters that had been part of the show.

Comparing it with the Stick of Truth, the combat is very much improved here. Only in certain directions and squares, the attacks could be launched. You can customize your character by changing their race & gender as well as their dressing. Making these changes will not change the linear flow of your game.

As the game moves along, you will need to unlock other powers without which you will not be able to complete many challenges. You pass through streets that will be strewn with chicken joints, cracked walls, open circuits and impassable lavaswhich you will have to blast off your path as you go along.

A very distinctive thing about the game is that it has blurred the line of what is real and what is part of the imagination, especially in the beginnings of the game. You will see kids using kites for shooting lasers and pausing a fight just so that a car can be let go. And then the grown-ups get involved in all this, and you start wondering what is actually happening. The game is certainly not limited by the rules of realism.

All this sounds a little absurd and stupid, yet there are also things in the game which are touching and sentimental. Like the character Jimmy who is physically disabled and uses his crutches for walking has super speed powers. Or Timmy’s Professor, who is also disabled, plays extremely well in the battle.

The game is filled with very funny jokes, yet they are very crass and at times very insensitive. Apart from the sexual jokes, the racial jokes feel a little too much to be justified in the game.You will noticea character passing gas in the face of Captain Diabetes just so that his powers kick in.

At times, the game feels like a little too much of an exaggeration. For example, PC Principal overreacting to every micro-aggression he comes across, though he then goes on to explain why that was offensive in the Coonstagram terms.

The absence of navigation indicators feels like a big drawback of this game. Although it was a good strategy to keep the screen clean, but thenyou will be completely at a loss about your sense of direction. For that, you will constantly have to open the map to figure out which houses to be searched for the objective. Although a quick map appears if you hold the left bumper, still it is so small to actually be useful.

All in all, the game does not offer something completely new in gaming. It is part of the South Park series. Yet it has brought changes and made improvements within the framework of that game series. The jokes along the way are just an additional perk to the game. Just like this game of the South Park series, Run 3 game also has very amazing features to keep you well engaged and well entertained.

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