Hilarious and Annoying Glitches in Video Games

Everyone knows that anything is possible in the world of video gaming and those possibilities include video game glitches. There are several reasons why there could be a glitch in a video game. The glitch can be due to programmers not being on their a-game and mistakenly coding a bug into the game or they can be purposely slipped in for the entertainment of the players. Some of the glitches get discovered during game play and gets rectified by the developers after several updates. Other times the developers just can not be bothered to fix the glitches. Video game glitches range from distorted graphics, sound errors, game and character freezes, and much more. Some gamers purposely seek out these glitches and try and exploit them to gain added advantages and also as a shortcut for acquiring treasure or loot..

There are several video games that are known for their glitches. Skyrim by Bethesda is notorious for its bugs and glitches, with even updates needing more updates. They glitches include false walls, flying mammoths and horses, the talking dead, turning into a werewolf, falling into air pockets, rapid leveling up, third person view, flying fishes and static flying acrobatic dragons. The glitches in this game are endless and this article will take forever to read if I try to list them all. Resident Evil 4, one of the greatest video games of all time, also has some helpful and hilarious glitches. One of the more popular glitches in Resident Evil 4 is called the Ditman glitch and when activated, it makes Leon do everything faster. However, triggering the Ditman glitch right before getting on the jetski makes for a second hilarious glitch which sees Leon riding off mid-air without Ashley and the jet ski. Another funny glitch can be found when Ashley is climbing a ladder and you try to look up her skirt, she covers up and yells pervert. There is also another helpful glitch in RE 4 is the Ashely door suplex which has Ashley going crazy on enemies twice her size when she opens doors with enemies behind them.

The newly released game, Destiny 2 also came with its own glitches and its trial had to be cancelled for two week due to the exploitation of said glitches. One of the glitches was the bureaucratic walk emote that had the ability to help players phase through walls. Another glitch in the Prestige version of Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid allowed encounters get stripped of their intended challenges. Madden NFL 18 also has its hilarious glitches with weird touchdowns, teleporting fumble, coaches on the field, player doing backflips in the air, invisible players and tackling parades.

 Glitches are hilarious at first but they can quickly get annoying especially if they prevent you from progressing forward or cause you to lose saved progress. The good thing about most video games glitches is that there is no monetary loss when these glitches occur. The only game glitch I can think of that could cause you to have a monetary loss is when a glitch occurs in slot machine games. Imagine playing a progressive jackpot slot game and you win $1 million, all for the casino to tell you that the machine had a glitch and your winnings are only $8,000. That is exactly what happened to this Biloxi woman who having won $1 million dollars was told that the slot machine was mistakenly programmed as a progressive jackpot slot and she was only entitled to $8,000. Katrina Bookman is still suing a Queens casino for a $42 million glitch.

Do not let these stories slot machine glitch stories put you off though, slot machine glitches are rare and there has not yet been a reported glitch for an online slot machine games. So for the best chance of getting your winnings, it will be better to play online.

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