What About Casino Games on Consoles

Playing online slots is arguably one of the most exciting ways to spend your time online. And you’ve probably heard that popular game titles can be found in many reputable online casinos all over the Web. But, is there another way to entertain yourself if you’re a game lover? There certainly is, and it’s called a gaming console. The best thing here is that not one, but two top-quality gaming consoles are available out there solely for your gaming pleasure. Of course, we are talking about the Xbox and PS4. Let’s have a look at how they fit into the iGaming space.

Casino Games for Xbox

Xbox is a Microsoft-owned product which allows players to transform their TVs into a hyper interesting gaming world, where thrills, excitement and adrenaline are in charge. For that reason, Xbox is an ideal solution for gamblers looking for new ways of testing their gaming capabilities.

Although the Xbox casino game selection can’t come close to the number of online casinos, for example, it is nevertheless possible to play third-person action games that gives players various opportunities such as creating their own avatars, or playing at virtual land-based casinos.

Some of the best casino games for Xbox include Test Drive Unlimited 2: Casino Online, which gives an option to play with up to 31 other players per session thus providing a very special and unique gaming experience.

Another amusing title is known as the Full House Poker and it offers simulated gambling in a virtual poker room. The game comes in with an option of creating a personalized avatar and it is famous for its appealing 3D surroundings.

Pure Hold’em is an additional treat for all poker fans. The game features six tables and the final goal is to reach the Masters table in the VIP penthouse by earning credits and improving your player’s status.

If you are up for a breathtaking game of roulette, red dog, blackjack, keno or slots, then Casino Nights could be your cup of tea. The greatest advantage of Casino Nights is an option to choose between different casino titles, whereby you’ll avoid the possibility of being bored to the death by playing a single game until you pass out.

Last but not the least word for Xbox casino games is reserved for Baccarat. This extremely challenging card game gives Xbox owners the chance to test their luck without ever having to leave their living-room couch.

Casino Games on PS4

Whatever comes on the gaming market with a Sony label on it is worth checking. PS4 is the second game console that really caught on to the world of online gambling and casino games. Playing attractive game titles with top-notch graphics is almost irresistible to any player.

Published by 505 Games, Prominence Poker is the first on the list of outstanding PS4 games, but you can also find it on the Xbox platform. It offers an authentic playing experience through an amazing set of 3D effects and comes with both multiplayer and single player option.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a perfect match for players in need of a casino gaming simulation. Creating a specialized 3D avatar is just a beginning in this game since you can further change your avatar’s clothes as you go on with playing. Here you may choose among all major casino favourites such as bingo, keno, Texas Hold’em, blackjack and others.

It’s not easy to replicate the poker room, but it seems like Pure Hold’em World Poker Championship really put some efforts into it. With a reliable online multiplayer support, this title allows the players to create their own tournaments with up to eight contestants.

The closing thought regarding casino games on consoles is that they continue to grow in popularity. Providers make them, players love them, and the future smiles at them!

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